Amastris Dalamassus

† Blood Mage, Tevinter Magister


Age: 35†
Background: Tevinter
Height: 5’9"
Weight: 143 llbs.
Love Interest: N/A

Amastris is ambitious, intelligent and pragmatic, wanting to immediately get everything done in the most efficient way. She is a perfectionist and expects people to reach her expectations. Thus, she thinks most people are beneath her and comes off as cold and aloof. Her snobbery often causes her to clash with other people, though she will not go out of her way to antagonize someone she dislikes since she hates wasting her time.



Early life
Born in 9:03 Dragon to the affluent but reclusive Dalamassus Altus family from Qarinus, Amastris grew up wishing to be an influential magister. Her family had preferred to stay out of the magisterium’s politics, focusing on trading with Antiva and maintaning ties to the dwarven Ambassadoria. Amastris wanted more than riches, she wanted power, so once she inherited her father’s seat on the senate, she moved to the capital. During her time in the imperial senate, she focused on strengthening the Imperium’s ties to Orzammar gaining her many allies who wanted leverage in the lyrium trade.
When Archon Davan was assassinated in 9:29 Dragon, Amastris’ granduncle, Radonis, succeeded Davan. Radonis had always been close to Amastris, impressed with her intelligence, and so she worked hard to gain his favor, knowing his word could override the entire magisterium.
Eventually, Archon Radonis asked Amastris to marry Ves, hoping to cement ties with him after years of service. Amastris despised the idea, seeing as Ves had a horrible reputation among the nobility, but wanting to please Radonis, she agreed and made it clear to her fiance that she would change him into a proper magister.

Tevinter campaign
Amastris first appeared when Ashara, Kayan and Jerome encountered her in Vesperus’ estate in Minrathous. Ashara and Amastris clashed immediately, but became allies later when she joined her fiance in Ashara’s Carastes estate.
Amastris lent her aid to the party, crafting staves as well as delaying Phaedra’s excavation at the Silent Plains with her influence and using her sources to investigate the cult that Phaedra led.
After Ashara refused to trade Ihrlie’s slave contract for Cyrus’ blood amulet, the boy went to Amastris and she paid him 50 gold for the amulet, intending to use it should Vita prove too unstable when they confronted her.
When the party went to Minrathous to stop Elfrieda’s plot to steal a dragon from the Proving Grounds, Amastris aided Ashara and Kayan’s investigation at the magisterium and was accompanied by Francois in a spectator’s box as bait.
During the final assault on the temple where Euresyne was hiding, Amastris was killed when she was unable to outrun a trap that she had inadvertently set off, crushed by the hallway.

Amastris and Ashara, initially, did not get along as Amastris was unimpressed with Ashara’s lack of a pedigree and Antivan background. Likewise, Ashara detested Amastris’ snobbery and called her “Lady Poof” to irritate her, disapproving of her engagement to Ves. Eventually, both Amastris and Ashara came to respect each other as powerful mages, though their blooming friendship was cut short by her death.
Though they were engaged, she detested Ves’s crudeness, yet she persisted since she knew that House Makarios was one of the oldest and respected families. and Ves was indifferent yet mildly scared of her. A single glare from Amastris often worked to make Ves obey and she planned to get him to reign his hedonism in.

Amastris Dalamassus

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