Shadow, Rivaini Mercenary Captain


Age: 33
Background: Rivaini
Height: 5’2"
Weight: 113 lbs.
Love Interest: N/A

Fia is generally cheerful and energetic to people who meet her.



Early life
Born in 9:05 Dragon, in a small fishing village near Ayesleigh by the Veneficaton Sea, Fia led a normal life. She had been taught to hunt in the nearby woodlands at a young age and became extremely skilled with the bow. Though assigned at birth as male, Fia identified as a girl and started dressing appropriately. Since Rivaini culture is matriarchal, no one batted an eyelash. Life was easy. too easy, Fia had thought and easily got bored with quiet village life.
At 17, Fia left her village and headed for Dairsimud where she picked pockets for awhile, until she sold her combat abilities to some pirates who needed a customs official that interfered with their shady business dead. Impressed with the amount of money she made and decided to do mercenary work full-time travelling all over Rivain with anyone who had the coin for her skills.

The Rivaini Job campaign
Fia met Trisa and Mondo at a bar in Dairsimud and was hired by them to help them sneak past a templar barricade in the slums. Mondo was simply tagging along, pretending to be a tourist, though Fia immediately knew he was Ben-Hassrath, but the two got along well.
After sneaking through the slums and interrogating one of the apostates there about a “Magister Skelors Tagaris” that Trisa’s master, Ves, was tracking, they returned to the inn.
A mage working for Skleros summoned demons to attack the inn When they were badly outnumbered, Trisa and Mondo betrayed Fia and threw her to a pack of demons as a distraction. Fia was enraged by their betrayal and managed to escape the demons and the inn, tracking them down to the nearby forest to kill them. They were long gone, but she found Ves who had been assaulted by Mondo. Feeling bad for him, she brought him to a healer and he rewarded her with a huge sum of gold and an offer to work for him now that he was headed for Orlais.

Black Fox campaign
Fia was one of the many mercenaries at Ves’ Orlesian estate in Val Falaise and aided the party by sewing them clothing and armor when she was not joining them on their missions to retrieve the five remaining Black Fox rings.
Fia accompanied the party to Val Chevin where the ring was last seen being used as a prize that two squabbling nobles exchanged with every duel won and lost. She was exasperated with the party’s ineptitude and snuck Ashara out of prison. She and Theo snuck into the local Baroness’ mansion and were nearly caught off guard by the Baroness’ lesbian bard lover, but Theo captured the Baroness and they nearly forced her to hand them the ring, only for Ashara and Lucas to get captured by the Baroness’ guards. The Baroness relented and offered the ring in exchange for embarrassing her rival.
Fia accompanied the party to a small fĂȘte at Val Falaise. When Skleros and Manlius attacked, she killed Jerome’s zombified fat mom. Ves was rendered unconscious after being repeated stabbed by the zombie comtess and Fia took charge and led the other mercenaries until they recovered all the Black Fox rings.
Skleros later raised an ancient elven temple using the Black Fox rings. Fia aided the party by holding off the swarm of undead elves while the party chased Skleros and Manlius down and killed them.

Tevinter campaign
Six years later, Fia was the boss of her mercenary company in Rivain. She rejoined Ves after he wrote to her, calling on the mercenaries on his payroll.
Fia was impressed with Ashara and Kayan becoming less incompetent after their six years apart and aided the party with her mercenaries spying on Phaedra and her cohorts and, again, sewing armor.
At Minrathous, Fia accompanied Ves to a tavern to gain information regarding Elfrieda who had been sent to steal a dragon from the Proving Grounds. Fia played Wicked Grace with some suspicious men who followed them about while Ves slept with the dwarven cabal. By the time Ashara and Kayan arrived, Fia could tell they were spies and preempted their attack. Later, at the Proving Grounds, Fia, Ashara, Kayan and Decimus chased Elfrieda down and caught her. Fia left Decimus to watch over Elfrieda and replaced the fallen party who had been bested by the gladiators. The party then killed the dragon without breaking a sweat.
During the final assault on the temple where Vita and Euresyne were hiding, Fia served as the forward scout, paving a way for Ashara’s soldiers to cut through Phaedra’s defenses. She managed to avoid being crushed to death by Festus.

Antiva-Rivain campaign
Fia had been busy managing her mercenary company in Rivain, but Ashara sent a message to her, asking for her help after Euresyne had badly injured the party. Fia rode for Antiva immediately and joined the party in heading to a town in the Weyrs to track down Bogart Bearbreaker in order to heal Jerome. Fia and Salvadore immediately got along thanks to their

Fia and Salvadore have become the best of friends,





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