Dragon Age: Lost To Night

Tevinter Campaign: Part IV

Ashara, Kayan, Lucas, Ihrlie

Jerome: Kayan! ♦catches up to Kayan in the hallway, catching his breath when he finally does♦ I must apologize, my duties at the embassy have kept me from seeing you often lately.
Kayan: ♦Tries not to make eye contact with Jerome♦ No, it’s perfectly fine. I didn’t have time to see you either
Jerome: Still…considering that we have both been busy, with you stopping fanatical cultists and whatnot…it feels rather rude of me to ask something of you for once.
Kayan: Is there a problem? I have time to spare now, so it’s no problem at all ♦Gets a little anxious♦
Jerome: It is more of a follow-up to our previous conversation. As you may recall, I thought it was high time that I learn to fend for myself, should an encounter happen with that psychotic woman again. As it were, I have contacted a fighting instructor. Unfortunately, they seem to be unable to make the journey here to Carastes from the Hundred Pillars. I would go myself to fetch them; however, I am far too busy with my ambassadorial duties here.
Ashara: ♦in other room♦ A-CHOO!
Kayan: ♦Slowly looks at Jerome♦ So, I’m guessing you want me to fetch them for you?
Jerome: ♦laughs sheepishly♦ No…forget that I have said anything. I do not wish to bother you. ♦smiles♦ Ah, but I must take my leave again. I must meet with another magister about shipping agreements. In any case, I hope we see each other more these coming days, Kayan. ♦bows slightly as he makes him leave♦
Kayan: ♦Grabs one of Jerome’s arms♦ Wait a second! It seems getting stronger is important to you…in that case, I want to help you.
Jerome: ♦Approves♦ Kayan, I…..♦looks down for a bit, smiling more♦ Thank you, I am fortunate to have you.
Kayan: ♦Awkwardly lets go of Jerome♦ Err, yes. I should be going now, and you should be attending to your duties. I don’t want to be late to your meetings
Somehow, Kayan convinces all of you to accompany him all the way to the Hundred Pillars. Jerome provides you with transport and soon enough, you are halfway up a mountain, following a map towards Jerome’s supposed fighting instructor. The mountain path you are on is rocky and the sky overhead is as grey and dreary as the craggy mountain side.
Lucas: ….why are we here?
Ashara: ♦marching up the mountain♦ Where are the people? I WAS TOLD THERE WOULD BE MONEY AND BLOOD.
Diederich: Why am I here?!
Ashara: Wait, who’s the dwarf.
Kayan: Supposedly, Jerome’s fighting instructors are here…though, it looks quite shady.
Diederich: You ordered me to accompany you here to the mountains. I’m the smith from your estate. I have a Blighted peg leg and you bring me hiking?! ♦Disapproves♦
Lucas: …hello?
Diederich: “Hello” isn’t going to carry me to the top of the mountain path, pretty boy. ♦grumbles as he follows you up the mountain♦
Kayan: A smith? I didn’t know you were at the estate
Ashara: Oooh, right. I think I remember hiring a smith. ♦scratches butt♦
Lucas: What kind of instructors did he hire? Maker’s breath.
Kayan: Fighting instructors. Jerome wants to get stronger
Ashara: Someone carry the dwarf. Maybe we’ll go faster. Warden, I volunteer you.
Lucas Fails a Strength (Might) test
Kayan: Sorry, looks like you have to climb up yourself, dwarf
Ashara: Venhedis.
Ashara Fails a Strength (Might) test
Diederich: ♦Lucas, Ashara and Diederich topple over♦ BY THE STONE
Kayan Succeeds at a Strength (Might) Test
Kayan: ♦sighs♦ Fine, I’ll carry you ♦groans♦
Ashara Succeeds at a Dexterity (Acrobatics) Check
Lucas Succeeds at a Dexterity (Acrobatics) Check
Kayan manages to carry Diederich on his back. Ashara and Lucas nearly roll down the mountain side but get back up before an unfortunate accident occurs.

Diederich: ♦Approves Kayan only and Slightly Disapproves Ashara and Lucas♦
Ashara: Ugh. I hate this place. Are we there yet?!
Lucas: ♦grumbles♦
Kayan: We should be close by now.
Diederich: Hey, they usually have mineral deposits in areas as rocky as this, you sods may wanna look around.
Kayan fails a Perception (Seeing) check
Kayan: ♦mumbles♦ Mind getting your arms off my eyes, dwarf?
Ashara fails a Perception (Seeing) check
Ihrlie fails a Perception (Seeing) check
Lucas succeeds at a Perception (Seeing) check
Lucas squints and walks over to a rock formation. He finds dawnstone x 3, everite x 1 and silverite x 2.
Ashara: How about YOU, dwarf? Do you see anything?
Diederich fails a Perception (Seeing) check
Diederich: ♦squints♦ No. ♦shrug♦ Don’t see a thing except rocks and more rocks.
Ashara: ♦shrugs♦ Same.
Ashara: ♦handwaves♦ Where is Cheeselord’s trainer?! Let’s find him and get this over with.
Kayan: It’s Jerome, Ashara
Kayan fails a Perception (Seeing/Hearing/Tracking) check
Lucas fails a Perception (Seeing/Hearing/Tracking) check
Diederich Succeeds at a Perception (Seeing/Hearing/Tracking) check
Ashara succeeds at a Perception (Seeing/Hearing/Tracking) check
Ihrlie succeeds at a Perception (Seeing/Hearing/Tracking) check
Suddenly, 2 giant bears burst out of the trees. They pounce on Kayan and Lucas, dealing 7 dmg. Diederich jumps off Kayan in the nick of time. Ashara and Ihrlie simply sidestep the beasts.
Ihrlie: ♦blinks♦
Ashara: FINALLY, SOME FUN. ♦cackles♦ Dwarf! Go hide behind that rock!
Diederich: ♦cannot hear Ashara over the bears’ growls♦
Lucas: Here! ♦tosses long sword♦
Diederich fails a Dexterity (Legerdemain) check
Lucas throws the sword at Diederich, while still under the bear, but he fails to catch it. Not only that, the sword impales his arm.
Lucas: ♦winces♦ dammit. My aim sure is shitty. I’m a mage for Maker’s sake.
Diederich: You don’t say, pretty boy?! ♦Slightly Disapproves♦
Ashara: Your aim is shitty? I wonder if your Dalish boytoy would say the same~
Lucas: Sorry I owe you! How about alcohol?
Diederich: How about you owe me a bear biting your stones off?! ♦Slightly Disapproves♦
Ashara: ♦cackles♦ I don’t know if our warden HAS any stones, Smith.
The party fights the two bears.
Ashara: ♦cackles♦ FINISH IT.
Ihrlie: ♦nods♦ Yes, Mistress.♦casts Shock♦
Ihrlie reaches the TN for Shock
Diederich: You couldn’t heal me first?! ♦Disapproves♦
Ihrlie: ♦frowns apologetically♦ I have to do as Mistress obeys first.
Lucas passes a Cunning (Chirurgy) check
Lucas: Here ♦heals Diederich♦ It is my fault you got impaled
Ashara: You got that right.
Lucas manages to extract his sword from Diederich’s arm and properly close his wound.
Diederich: ♦narrows his eyes♦ Next time, try NOT throwing a sword at innocent people. Loony.
Lucas: ♦nods♦
Kayan: ♦Kayan is too busy looking for the instructors to notice Diederich’s injuries♦
Ashara fails a Magic check
Ihrlie fails a Magic check
The party continues up the mountain while Lucas squints, trying to focus his magic.
Lucas succeeds at a Magic check
Lucas gestures for everyone to stop. He senses lyrium in a nearby rock.
Ashara: ♦eyes sparkle♦ LYRIUUUUM.
Kayan fails a Strength (Might) check
Ashara fails a Strength (Might) check
Diederich fails a Strength (Might) check
Lucas fails a Strength (Might) check
Lucas, Kayan and Ashara try to mine but their weak, noodle arms cannot handle the stone.
Lucas accidentally rolls four more time and succeeds once at the Strength (Might) check.
Lucas is angry he cannot get lyrium so he punches the stone 4 times, breaks his hand in the process, but manages to unearth some lyrium in the end. Lucas takes 12 dmg
Ashara: Hahahaha! Look, Smith! Your wish came true. Our Warden has hurt himself. ♦points and laughs at Lukey♦
Diederich: ♦Greatly Approves♦
Kayan: ♦Facepalms♦
Ashara: All this lyrium… ♦sparklesparkle♦ Would you mind holding onto it, Smith?
Lucas reaches the TN for Heal to fix his broken hand.
Ashara succeeds at a Communication (Persuasion) check
Kayan fails a Communication (Persuasion) check
Ashara: ♦cackles♦ [ALL THIS LYRIUM IS MIIIINE.]
Kayan: [Eh, I don’t need lyrium anyway]
Lucas: ♦peers♦ Well, at least there’s enough for all the mages here. ♦shakes out hand♦
Diederich: Eh, I guess it would be a waste not to bring this back. ♦carries the lyrium in flasks and them hops on Kayan’s back again♦
There are two huts before you. Which do you enter?
Kayan: ♦Looks behind lyrium♦ When we get back, just give my lyrium to Ihrlie. I don’t need it. ♦Looks behind Diederich♦
Ihrlie: ♦nods to Kayan in thanks♦
Ashara: ♦shrug♦ Where now?
Lucas: ….why are there two huts here? ♦peers♦ Are there people inside? Like raiders?
Kayan: It could be the instructors’ huts.
Lucas: ♦shrugs♦ True.
The hut is small and you can smell a stew cooking.
Lucas: Kayan what else did Jerome say?….food?
Ashara: ♦sniffs air♦ I smell food.
Kayan: Not much. Basically, he told me that he hired instructors to make him stronger.
Ashara: What a useless Cheeselord. Couldn’t fetch his instructors himself.
Kayan: ♦Hiss♦ He’s busy, mind you
You see two old people emerge from the two huts and leer at you from afar.
Lucas: Who’re you?
Ashara: Old people?! These can’t be the instructors.
The old man hits Ashara on the head wit his walking stick. She takes 5 dmg.
Ashara: FUCK.
Ashara: ♦uses fireball♦
Old man: Who are you calling old?!
Ashara fails to reach the TN of Fireball
Ashara tries to throw a ball of fire at the old man, but only a tiny ember appears at her fingertips.
Lucas: What’s happening?
Old man: You’re with the Orlesian? ♦nose wrinkles in disgust when he says Orlesian♦
Lucas: ♦shrugs♦
Ashara: I don’t associate with Cheeselords.
Lucas: ♦pushes Kayan forward♦ You explain. He’s your… buddy [bed buddy].
Ashara: Butt buddy.
Kayan: Yes, we’re here in behalf of Jerome. I’m guessing you two are his instructors
♦Glares at Ashara♦
Old woman: Yes, we are! But the poor boy was too much of a wimp to choose between the two of us.
Ashara: Not surprising.
Lucas: Well, he doesn’t really fight.
Kayan: ♦gives quick glares to both Ashara and Lukey♦
Ashara: What the fuck are you looking at me for.
Kayan: Choose? I thought both of you are going to teach him?
Old man: ♦chuckles♦ No, our styles are far too different.
Kayan: How so?
Old man: I was once the handsomest of all the courtiers in Empror Florian’s court in Orlais.
Lucas: …
Old man: I was also the deadliest bard. ♦leers♦
Kayan: [That’s hard to believe…]
Ashara: ♦squints♦ Uh.
Lucas: ….
Kayan: ♦Backs away slowly♦ Ok….
Lucas: …that’s nice ♦mutters♦ how did Jerome find these people?
Old woman: And I was the one of this Age’s greatest master smiths, until my bones were too painful to handle the forge.
Lucas: ♦nods at her♦
Kayan: [Out of all people, why these two oldies?]
Ashara: ♦scratches butt♦ I reaaaaally don’t care.
Lucas: ….Kayan, he’s your significant other. You decide. ♦nods♦
Kayan: ♦scoffs♦ What are you talking about Lucas?
Lucas: Look, just decide so we can get off the mountain.
Kayan: ♦narrows eyes at the old man♦ I don’t quite trust you….give me another reason why I should choose you instead.
Old man: The boy is a member of the Orlesian court, what better fighting style to learn than to be a bard?
Kayan: I don’t know much about bards, so…..♦pauses♦ I think I made up my mind. ♦points to the wrinkly old lady♦ I guess you’re coming along with us.
Ashara: ♦throws up arms♦ FINALLY.
Old lady: ♦shrugs♦ Works for me.
Lucas: ♦shrugs♦

You return to the estate.
Jerome: Kayan, I met my instructor in the courtyard just now. Well…thank you. It must have been tiring for you to have gone up that mountain, I apologize for troubling you.
Ashara: ♦makes a beeline for the alcohol♦
Lucas: ♦follows♦
Kayan: ♦Places hand on Jerome’s shoulder♦ Jerome, stop apologizing. It was not a big deal at all
Jerome: Yes, well…..♦smiles♦ You have my thanks a well, Lucas and Ihrlie, for accompanying Kayan and keeping him safe. ♦pretends Ashara isn;t there♦
Ashara: ♦walks past♦ Fuck you too, Cheeselord. Now get out of my house.
Ihrlie: ♦smiles and holds his hand, squeezing it♦
Lucas: ♦shrugs♦ no problem
Kayan: ♦Ignores Ashara♦
Lucas: Hope this helps you
Jerome: I am hoping for the same. Perhaps now, should something happen, I no longer have to wait in the side lines…[And perhaps, I will learn to create a bear trap for Ashara to step in]. ♦smiles♦

Arellen: Lucas, may I have a word with you? ♦glances at the others♦ In private.
Lucas: Sure. ♦follows♦
Ashara: ♦calls after Lukey and Arellen♦ MAKE SURE TO CLEAN UP YOUR MESS AFTER
Lucas: ♦glares♦
Kayan: Don’t forget to use the used sexy small clothes!
Lucas: …. wait, why are they used?
Kayan: Err, forget I said that…I think it’s better that you didn’t know
Arellen: ♦leads you to a grove near Ashara’s estate and looks around to make sure no one is listening♦ I am a straight forward man, Lucas, so let me ask you…what do you wish to do with this relationship of ours?
Lucas: Arellen… I don’t want to take anything for granted. I can’t be sure what’ll happen but I want this.
Arellen: ♦Approves♦ And, I share the same feeling. I had never expected to find a human that I could trust and respect like you.
Lucas: ♦blushes♦ I… look you know I had someone before and he died. I never thought… I never thought that I’d find someone again after. That’s why I went to the wardens
Arellen: I am sorry to hear that…♦cups Lucas’ cheek♦ But that is precisely why I wanted to talk to you. As a warden, you are facing an inevitable death. I have read about it. This corruption in your blood will kill you.
Lucas: …You’re right. I’m sorry… this was awfully selfish of me. I shouldn’t have started this ♦pulls away♦
Arellen: No, that isn’t why I brought this up. Please. ♦pulls Lucas back into an embrace, his hands stroking Lucas’ back♦ I wish to be a part of your life and your death as well. I wanted to ask you to let me join the Grey Wardens.
Lucas: Arellen… this life is harsh and I will not lie that not many survive the Joining. I nearly died myself when the time came. You cannot possibly want this? To be bound to the darkspawn and to the Order?
Arellen: I do wish it, if it means I am bound to you as well.
Lucas: ♦rests head on Arellen’s shoulder♦ I’ve never known such devotion. Maker, what have I done to deserve this?
Arellen: What have you done? You’ve made me happy. ♦holds Lucas’ face and kisses him♦
Lucas: ♦kisses back♦ Maker, if anything should happen to you… I could not survive it.
Arellen: Don’t you think I would feel the same? That’s why I must do this. ♦they kiss one more time and fade to black♦
However, when Lucas checks his Joining materials, he’s missing darkspawn blood.
Lucas: ♦deep breath♦ I can’t believe he asked this of me…
Somehow, Lucas manages to convince everyone to accompany him and Arellen to Tallos’ Eyes which lies on the border of Tevinter and the Anderfels.
Ashara: Why the fuck am I here again? Isn’t this some super secret warden shit? I don’t want to be a warden.
Lucas: ♦rolls eyes♦ Maybe you’ll find dwarven loot.
Ashara: … True. I do like loot.
Lucas: I mean wherever there are darkswpan, there’s dwarven loot. ♦nods♦
Ashara: Lead the way, warden.
Kayan succeeds at a Perception (Seeing) check
Ashara succeeds at a Perception (Seeing) check
Lucas fails at a Perception (Seeing) check
Arellen fails at a Perception (Seeing) check
Ihrlie fails at a Perception (Seeing) check
Kayan finds dragonthorn x 1 and deathroot x 2. Ashara finds deathroot x 2.
Kayan fails a Perception (Seeing) check
Ashara succeeds at a Perception (Seeing) check
Lucas fails at a Perception (Seeing) check
Arellen succeeds at a Perception (Seeing) check
Ihrlie fails at a Perception (Seeing) check
Ashara found dragonthorn x 1 and lazurite x 1
Arellen found deathroot x 3, obsidian x 2, lazurite x1 and elfroot x 2
Arellen: Here, Lucas, I have more supplies back at camp. ♦gives you all the crafting shet♦
Lucas: ♦blushes♦ Thanks, Arellen.
Ashara: ♦gags♦
Lucas Succeeds at a Perception (Darkspawn) check
Lucas leads you towards a canyon where you see several darkspawn climbing up.
Lucas: ♦deep breath♦ here we go
Ashara: FANTASTIC. Time to destroy some darkspaaaawn~
The party fight two genlock and an ogre
Ashara: Beautiful flames, warden! ♦cackles♦
You receive 30 silver each. and Darkspawn blood x 3
Lucas: I’ll carry them for now. ♦takes blood♦
Ashara: ♦stares at darkspawn blood♦ Gross.
Arellen: So…♦swallows hard when he sees Lucas approach with the goblet, but Lucas can see his eyes are burning with determination♦ How do we proceed?
Lucas: Are you still sure? Arellen… the danger is high. I-I am afraid. I am content as it is… you don’t need to do this for me. So— ♦starts to cry♦
Arellen: No. ♦holds Lucas close♦ No, you needn’t worry. This is the only way I can be with you. ♦starts to cry as well♦ Do you think I could live with myself knowing you will someday be underground, with the Taint eating away at you? Alone and afraid when you face your Calling? No, we shall face this together, Lucas. I promise.
Lucas: A-Arellen…. ♦cries more♦
Arellen: ♦places his hands over Lucas’ as they lift the goblet to his lips♦
Arellen succeeds at a Consitution (Endurance) check
Arellen: ♦coughs as he swallows the mixture then he blacks out♦
Lucas: ARELLEN! ♦grabs♦ Please, Maker no…♦hears breaths♦ Andraste’s Mercy…thank you…♦hugs Arellen♦
Lucas had fallen asleep next to Arellen’s bed and as the sunlight filters through the windows, Arellen begins to wake. He looks down and sees that Lucas had been holding onto his hand all night.
Arellen: ♦slowly sits up from the bed and presses his lips to the back of Lucas’ hand♦
Lucas: ♦wakes up slowly♦ Arellen…?
Arellen: For a moment there, I thought……..I felt the darkness closing in, but I’m here now. ♦brings Lucas’ hand to touch his own cheek and breathe in deeply♦ I shall always be here for you Lucas, until we face The Calling. Together.
Lucas: Arellen… you… ♦clings♦ I would’ve been so mad if you died
Arellen ♦laughs and holds him close♦ Ar lath, ma vhenan.
Lucas: ♦blushes♦ what does that mean?
Arellen: It means, “I love you, my heart.” ♦kisses him♦
Lucas: ♦kisses♦

Cyrus: ♦pacing the courtyard, his head bowed in deep thought♦
Ihrlie: ♦approaches him, holding the usual wine pitcher♦ Cyrus?
Cyrus: Oh, Ihrlie! You surprised me. ♦glances at the wine pitcher♦ Do you need help with that? Here, let me take it for you. Maker, this must weigh as much as you. ♦gets the pitcher♦
Ihrlie: ♦feels clueless without the pitcher in her hands♦…♦giggles when Cyrus looks equally as clueless as she♦ What rests on your mind, ser?
Kayan: ♦Kayan watches behind the windows’ curtains♦
Cyrus: ♦blushes and averts his eyes momentarily, thinking she was giggling at him♦ I’ve had something on my mind to be honest. ♦looks at her again and his brows crease, wondering whether he should tell her♦
Ihrlie: ♦a crease forms on her brow♦ What is it?
Cyrus: ♦tightens his grip on the pitcher♦ I’ve been thinking about something…it could help us, but I don’t know how I’ll be able to get my hands on it. I left it in our family’s summer house not far from Ashara’s estate…only, I’m not wanted there anymore. Vita thinks I betrayed her.
Ihrlie: ♦cocks her head to one side in curiosity♦ But what can that thing be?
Cyrus: It’s a family heirloom. But, a special one…our father enchanted it himself, so that I could always tell where Vita is. She used to get lost in big crowds a lot…I still remember her when we were small. I found her sitting by herself, crying because she was separated from me.
Ihrlie:♦her heart aches a little from the image of a softer, vulnerable Vita♦
Cyrus: To be honest, it has sentimental value to me…but I think it could also help us when we face her.
Cyrus: Ihrlie, do you think my sister can be saved? Maximian told me that they did horrible things to her…not unlike the horrible things I did.
Ihrlie: ♦contemplates♦…I don’t believe anyone is born vicious or cruel. Your sister had undoubtedly gone through so much.
Cyrus: I hope you’re right…what about you? Do you have any family, Ihrlie?
Ihrlie: ♦picks at fingernails nervously, recalling♦ Not that I can recall. My earliest memories come from the slave trade. I can’t exactly tell what it feels like, having a family.
Cyrus: What about Kayan? He seems to have adopted you…sort of.
Ihrlie: ♦smiles at the mention of Kayan♦ He treats me kindly. Like a brother, suppose. He and Ser Jerome are good men.
Cyrus: It looks like you’re making a new family of your own then? Do you think a new family is just as important as one you’ve already lost?
Ihrlie: ♦soft smile, looking away♦ I believe so. Everyone deserves a fresh start, especially those who have lost loved ones. ♦looks at Kayan♦ And blood can’t solely define a family.
Kayan: ♦sheds a single tear♦
Ihrlie: ♦walks a bit♦ There are other factors, too. Trust. Understanding. Love… They matter the most.
Cyrus: ♦follows her♦ Yes, I see that.

Somehow, Ihrlie convinced you all to accompany her to the Tagaris summer home. She has not explained to you what you are after, aside from saying something of value to the Tagaris twins.
Ashara: ♦looks at Ihrlie♦ You say that something here will give us an advantage over the Tagaris girl, correct? ♦crosses arms♦
Ihrlie: ♦nods♦ Yes, Mistress. I believe Ser Cyrus.
Ashara: Very well. But if he’s lying, I’ll kill him. ♦shrug♦
Kayan: ♦frowns♦ Where is that boy? Shouldn’t he be getting his own stuff? ♦mumbles♦ Making Ihrlie do his dirty work….

The entrance to the summer home is full of guards.
Ashara: Well, shit. How the fuck are we supposed to get in.
Fia: We need to sneak in there, hm? ♦pokes her head up from the bush they’re behind♦ Are you sure you three can keep up? Otherwise, I can try to get in there and knock the guards out first.
Ashara: I think I can try. Don’t want you having all the fun. ♦grin♦
Kayan: No need. I think we can handle it
Ihrlie: ♦nods♦
Fia: Alright then, we make a break for that wall over there and climb atop. Then we jump onto that open window up there on the second floor. Got it?
Ashara Succeeds at a Perception (Seeing) test
Kayan Succeeds at a Perception (Seeing) test
Ihrlie Succeeds at a Perception (Seeing) test
Fia fails a Perception (Seeing) test
Kayan, Ashara and Ihrlie bend down and start picking weed from the ground while Fia discusses the plan. Kayan and Ashara find elfroot x 2, Ihrlie finds elfroot x 2, spindleweed x 1 and embrium x 1.
Ashara: Got it.
Kayan: I gotcha.
Kayan Succeeds at a Dexterity (Stealth) Check
Ashara Succeeds at a Dexterity (Stealth) Check
Ihrlie fails a Dexterity (Stealth) Check
Fia Succeeds at a Dexterity (Stealth) Check
Ihrlie trips on her robes and gains 5dmg.
Fia: ♦Slightly Disapproves♦
Kayan: ♦panics internally♦
Ihrlie: Ow…
Kayan: ♦tries to get Ihrlie back up and dusts off the dirt♦
Fia: ♦goes back and takes you both by the hand♦ Come on, let’s keep going. ♦Slightly Disapproves Kayan and Ihrlie♦
Ashara: ♦tsks at Kayan and Ihrlie♦ Amateurs.
Kayan Succeeds at a Dexterity (Acrobatics) Check
Ashara Succeeds at a Dexterity (Acrobatics) Check
Ihrlie Succeds at a Dexterity (Acrobatics) Check
Fia Succeeds at a Dexterity (Acrobatics) Check
Fia: ♦Approves♦
All four of you manage to climb to the top of the wall.
Kayan Succeeds at a Dexterity (Acrobatics) Check
Ashara Succeeds at a Dexterity (Acrobatics) Check
Ihrlie fails a Dexterity (Acrobatics) Check
Fia Succeeds at a Dexterity (Acrobatics) Check
Kayan: ♦somersaults like Sten♦
Ihrlie does not reach the window and falls flat on her face. She takes 10 dmg.
Ashara: ♦facepalms♦ [USELESS.]
Fia: ♦Slightly Disapproves♦ I’ll go fetch her, you two look around the room. ♦hops down♦
Kayan: ♦Panics and hyperventilates♦ IHRLIEEE
Ashara: ♦looks around♦
Ihrlie: ♦nurses bruised nose♦…
Kayan: ♦Doesn’t look around but watches Fia and Ihrlie from above♦
Fia climbs back up the window, hauling Ihrlie’s noodly ass up after her.
Ashara fails a Perception (Seeing) check
Fia fails a Perception (Seeing) check
Kayan fails a Perception (Seeing) check
Ihrlie Succeeds at a Perception (Seeing) check
Ashara: You look like you’ve found something, girl.
Ihrlie: ♦picks up the thing♦
Ihrlie looks around and sees that you are in a bedroom. The painting on the wall is the same as the one on Phaedra’s barge. Based on the sparse decorations, the slight cobwebs coating the furniture and the dust settling on the bed, you deduce that this must have been Cyrus’ room as he has not been here in some time.
Ashara: ♦coughs from the dust♦
Kayan: ♦chokes on a spider♦
Ihrlie picks up a small box.
Ihrlie Succeeds at a Dexterity (Legerdemain) check vs Ashara’s Perception (Seeing)
Ihrlie tucks the box into her robes without Ashara noticing it, thinking she’d rather give it to Cyrus first.
Kayan: Ah! Before we move on… ♦hands Ihrlie cheese x 1♦ I don’t have any potions, but I hope this helps. ♦sheds a tear♦
Fia: ♦sighs♦ Looks like we went her for nothing. No one can find anything?
Ihrlie: ♦eats cheese♦
Ashara: Wait, let’s look around one more time.
Kayan: ♦smiles and breathes a sigh of relief♦
Ashara: I don’t want to leave here empty-handed.
Kayan fails a Perception (Seeing) check
Fia succeeds at a Perception (Seeing) check
Fia: Hey, I found something!
Kayan: ♦Goes to see what Fia found♦
Ashara: Hm, what is it?
Ihrlie succeeds at a a Perception (Seeing) check
Ihrlie finds moth eaten scarf x 1, elfroot potion x 1 and lyrium potion x 1
Ashara succeeds at a Dexterity (Legerdemain) vs Ihrlie’s Perception (Seeing)
Ashara takes Ihrlie’s loot from her.
Kayan: ♦Frowns♦
Ihrlie: :(
Kayan succeeds at a Dexterity (Legerdemain) vs Ashara’s Perception (Seeing)
Kayan: ♦Snatches the items and gives it back to Ihrlie♦ ♦Glares intensely at Ashara♦
Fia: It looks like a chest here, guys. Locked though. Kayan, wanna try picking the lock? ♦pokes the chest♦
Kayan: I’ll try…
Kayan fails a Dexterity (Lockpicking) check
Kayan fumbles with the lock but is unable to open it.
Kayan: ♦the lock pick breaks and makes a small cut on his finger♦
Fia: ♦Disapproves♦ Ashara?
Ashara: ♦stares♦ What are you doing.
Ashara succeeds at a dexterity (Lockpicking) check
Ashara: MOVE ASIDE, LOSER. ♦shoves Kayan aside and unlocks the chest♦
Fia: ♦Approves♦ Nice work!
Kayan: ♦Falls♦ Hey!
Ashara: ♦peers into box♦ Let’s see.
You find runes.
Ashara: ♦eyes sparkle♦ Jackpot.
You find demon-slaying rune x 1, fire rune x 1, lightning rune x 1, spirit rune x1 and corrupting rune x 1
Ihrlie gets Spirit and Corrupting Rune. Kayan gets Fire and Lightning Rune. Ashara gets Demon rune.
Fia: Are you three done with the shiny stuff? I hear people coming.
Kayan: ♦Gives Lightning rune to Ihrlie♦ Here, I think you need it more ♦smiles♦
Ihrlie: ♦gives spirit rune to Ashara♦ Here you are, Mistress.
Kayan: [Why Ihrlie!?]
Fia: ♦coughs♦ We need to go. NOW.
Ashara: Good work, Ihrlie. ♦nods at Fia♦ Right.
The four of you race out the window and make your way back to the estate.

Ihrlie finds Cyrus in his room, polishing his chest plate.
Ihrlie: Cyrus…?
Cyrus: Ihrlie, I was wondering why I didn’t see you all day. You look tired. ♦pats his bed♦ Come sit. ♦realizes it’s his room♦ A-Ah, if you want to go into the hallway though, it’s okay. ♦puts his chest plate down♦
Ihrlie: ♦approaches him and sits♦…♦hesitates somewhat♦
Cyrus: So……it’s rather hot today, isn’t it? ♦tugs on his shirt collar♦
Ihrlie: ♦giggles♦ Is it? ♦scootches closer to him♦
Kayan: ♦Kayan’s ears twitches♦ Do I sense something…♦frowns♦ ♦Kayan furrows his eyebrows♦ Something is going on…. ♦sniffs the air heavily♦ I can smell it.
Ashara: ♦watches Kayan with disgust♦ Smell…? ♦sniffs the air♦ DID YOU JUST FART. ♦leaves the room they’re in♦
Cyrus: Y-Yes……well…♦sees her holding something in her hands♦ What is that?
Ihrlie: I, uh…♦looks down at the box♦ I found this in your room. Back in the summer house. I hid it from the mistress. I had a feeling you’d need it more.
Cyrus: My…house. ♦reaches out to touch the box, but accidentally touches her hand then jerks back♦ Sorry, sorry….I…you risked yourself for me, Ihrlie?
Ihrlie: ♦smiles softly, hands still tingling from the warm contact of Cyrus’ fingers♦
Of course. ♦looks down♦ My life would be meaningless otherwise.
Cyrus: Ihrlie…♦looks at her, surprised, but at the same time, he feels a warmth spread throughout his chest♦ N-No, I don’t think you’re meaningless at all. Far from it. I don’t even know how I’m going to thank you…what you’ve done for me. No one’s ever shown me such kindness.
Ihrlie: ♦smiles♦
Cyrus: ♦shyly reaches out and when she doesn’t shy away, he tucks a stray lock of hair behind her ear♦ You are the kindest, strongest person I’ve met.
Ihrlie: ♦revels in his touch♦ Cyrus…
Kayan: ♦Screams internally♦ Where are those two kids?!
Cyrus: Ihrlie…♦puts the box aside and takes one hand in his♦
Ihrlie: ♦looks at Cyrus, her eyes wide and earnest♦ Yes…? ♦blushes♦
Kayan: ♦Still suspicious♦ The air still smells foul
Cyrus: Thank you for everything. Because of you, I know what to do. ♦leans over and kisses her on the forehead♦
Ihrlie: ♦eyes closes, heart racing♦

Cyrus: ♦knocks on Ashara’s door♦
Ashara: WHO THE FUCK IS IT. ♦drinking, as usual♦
Cyrus: Ashara, I need to speak to you. ♦sucks in a deep breath♦
Ashara: It’s MAGISTER Ashara, boy.
Kayan: (ROOD)
Cyrus: ♦looks indignant but swallows his pride♦ Magister Ashara.
Ashara: ♦nods♦ What is it? Don’t waste my time, now. I have pressing matters to attend to. ♦chugs♦
Cyrus: I would like to make a business transaction with you, Magister Ashara…ma’am….
Ashara: The Tagaris boy wants to make a deal? ♦leans back in her chaise lounge♦ Iiiiinteresting. And what could you possibly have that would interest me, eh?
Cyrus: Yes, I do. ♦removes the locket from around his neck♦ This is an amulet my father made for my sister and I. If you came from the Circle, you’d recognize this as a phylactery…it’s close to one, but far more powerful and it pulls not only at Vita, but me as well. I’m willing to give this to you…in exchange for Ihrlie.
Ashara: ♦inspects the phylactery♦ What the fuck am I supposed to do with this? I don’t do blood magic.
Cyrus: You know blood mages, don’t you? You can make Vita do as you please…just…♦gets down on his knees♦ Please, accept this.
Ashara: ♦shoves the phylactery back at Cyrus♦ You insult me. I don’t need blood magic to
Cyrus: ♦Greatly Disapproves♦ Don’t you want any advantage against her?
Ashara: ♦scoffs♦ As if your sister could best me.
Cyrus: They changed her. Sh’s not even human anymore…I felt it when I wore the amulet.
Ashara: ♦inspects nails♦ What do I care what she is? I’ll destroy her either way.
Cyrus: ♦deflates and picks himself up from the ground♦ I….understand…………….. ♦leaves her office♦
Ashara: [Odd kid.]

Cyrus: ♦returns to Ashara’s office the following morning♦
Ashara: ♦drinking again♦ You again?! You’re a persistent little shit, aren’t you?! I told you, I don’t want what you’re selling.
Cyrus: Here then. ♦places 10 sovereign on her table♦
Ashara: … Now we’re talking.
Ashara: ♦raises brow at Cyrus♦ You’re willing to pay this much for a slave?!
Cyrus: Yes, Magister Ashara…..ma’am. I am. More, if I have to. ♦looks at her, a steely look in his eyes♦
Ashara: You had my curiosity. Now you have my attention.
Cyrus: What do you want for Ihrlie? I have more if this isn’t enough.
Ashara: ♦grins♦ What have you got?
Cyrus: ♦puts 50 sovereign on her table♦
Ashara: WHAT THE— ♦clears throat♦ I mean. ♦inspects nails♦ I don’t know. Ihrlie has been a REAAAAAALLY useful healer as of late.
Cyrus: That’s all I can offer, short of selling myself into slavery.
Ashara: ♦scoffs♦ You are a true fool, aren’t you?! ♦leans back in her chaise♦…♦takes a sip of wine♦…♦crosses legs♦…♦twirls a lock of her hair♦ You’ve caught me in a very generous mood, you know. You’re useless to me as a slave. Give me the money and Ihrlie is yours.
Cyrus: Yes, yes, it’s all yours. ♦bows repeatedly as she wves him away, leaving her with 50 Ashara gets 50 sovereign
Ashara: [MORE SLAVES FOR ME. What a fool.] WAIT, BOY ♦calls out before Cyrus leaves♦
Cyrus: ♦stops and looks at Ashara♦
Ashara: ♦tosses Ihrlie’s contract at him♦ You forgot this, you lummox.
Cyrus: ♦fumbles with the contract and nods♦ T-Thank you.

Cyrus: Ihrlie!
Ihrlie: ♦follows Cyrus’ call♦ Cyrus? Is everything alright?
Cyrus: Yes! Everything is alright now! ♦he looks immensely tired, but the smile he’s wearing is genuine and brighter than any Ihrlie has seen him wear♦
Ihrlie: ♦she smiles back, Cyrus’ smile somewhat contagious♦
Cyrus: Look. ♦he reaches out for her neck and gingerly unlocks her slave chains, they fall to the ground with a thud♦ You’re free now.
Ihrlie: ♦pauses, confused by the alien feeling of emptiness aorund her neck♦ I…what? ♦looks at Cyrus, her eyes yearning for what she thinks he means♦
Cyrus: ♦his hand traces the now bare hollow of her neck and sighs happily♦ I purchased your contract from Ashara. You’re free now. ♦he hands her the contract♦
Ihrlie: ♦takes it with trembling hands♦ ♦overwhelmed by this new feeling of freedom, her eyes well with tears♦ I’m free…♦she grins, crying, sobbing before Cyrus♦ Because of you. I… ♦throws her arms around his neck, extremely grateful♦
Cyrus: You freed me too. I only returned the favor. ♦he holds her tightly, breathing her scent in, almost afraid to let go♦
Ihrlie: ♦tearful laugh♦ Thank you, thank you… ♦she’s oblivious to the consequences…but she’s happy for now♦
Cyrus: What…what will you do now? You can do anything you want.
Ihrlie: ♦lets go of him, shaking her head♦ I-I don’t know. ♦smiles♦ For starters, I can stop pouring wine for everyone in this estate. ♦giggles♦ I don’t know where to begin.
Cyrus: ♦laughs, feeling some of the weight lift from him♦ How about your first decision…♦moves in to kiss her but stops♦ May I?
hrlie: ♦places her hand on his heart♦ I know it begins with you. ♦smiles♦ ♦initiates the kiss♦

Kayan: ♦Kayan sees Cyrus exiting the room♦ ♦Narrows eyes♦ Boy, come over here!
Cyrus: ♦looks confused, but obeys♦ Yes?
Kayan: ♦grumbles and stuffs hands in his pockets♦ I don’t know how to say this, but it seems I underestimated you ♦coughs loudly♦
Cyrus: I…what? U-U-Umm…thank you.
Kayan: Look, the point is, I wanted to say thank you for freeing Ihrlie ♦looks down and gives a small smile♦
Cyrus: ♦nods solemnly♦ Ihrlie really, really looks up to you, so I’m honored. ♦awkwardly extends his arms to ask if they can hug♦
Kayan: ♦grimaces♦ Even if you freed Ihrlie, doesn’t mean I like you now. Don’t get all doughy on me now. ♦points to Cyrus and backs away slowly♦ I’m still on to you, so don’t do anything…funny…♦fades back into the shadows♦
Cyrus: ♦awkwardly places his hands down♦ Uh…..okay. ♦retreats into the next hallway♦

Vesperus: ♦drinking in the dining area♦ I think it’s time you bought a few more slaves. I heard you let the one Euresyne trained go.
Ashara: ♦joins Ves at the table♦ The Tagaris boy paid me a handsome fee. What a dumbass, honestly. Who’d pay that many sovereigns for one slave?!
Vesperus: I know! She was too skinny to do much work, anyway. ♦cackles♦ You did a fine job. ♦Approves♦
Ashara: Hahaha, indeed! You’re right, I need to get new slaves. Also, a wine cellar now that I have the coin.
Vesperus: Agreed! I could use more wine in my system now that you let that…templar bastard join our ranks. ♦looks down at his empty wine bottle and scowls♦
Ashara: Well, no. I could just convert that underground tunnel into a cellar… ♦looks down at her empty bottle as well♦ IHRLIE, MORE WI— oh, wait.
Vesperus: ♦tosses the bottle over his shoulder♦
Ashara: ♦tosses the bottle over her shoulder♦
Sten: ♦does a backflip and catches them both♦ More wine? ♦places several bottles on the table then vanishes into the darkness♦
Vesperus: ♦shudders♦ qunari. eugh
Ashara: He’s a good slave. Obedient and loyal. ♦chugs♦
Vesperus: He’ll make a decent meat shield if needed. ♦shrugs♦ I suddenly remembered something the other day.
Ashara: Of course; that’s what Qunari are good for. ♦quirks brow♦ What is it, mi amigo?
Vesperus: ♦Approves♦ I told you that, using blood magic, I could track down the enemies? After your little trip the Fade, their mental wards were up again…I used to have a ring that amplified my blood magic, but I lost it years ago in some pub in Seheron. ♦shrugs and takes another chug♦ I could have one made again, but there isn’t time for that. ♦waves it off♦ Nevermind, it would be a waste of time to think the ring is still somewhere on that shithole.
Ashara: I’ll do anything to help, my friend. Tell me where this ring is, and I can find it for you. Besides, this pub sounds like it would be relevant to my interests.
Vesperus: It was a pub called the Mourning Wood, because there had been a massacre in that small lumber-producing town. Classy, eh? Perhaps you could send your oxman slave there, but it isn’t worth your time. Anyway…♦gets up♦ I have to go to the brothel and errrrrrr…………………..interrogate some suspected cultists, yes…..
Ashara: ♦cackles♦ You have fun with your…. interrogation. I’ll be back with good news.

Francois: HON HON HON ♦twirls beard♦
Ashara: ♦hands Francois Dawnstone♦ I heard you like pink.
Francois: Why…how did you know?! ♦Greatly Approves♦
Ashara: I… ♦looks at Francois’s pink outfit♦… lucky guess.
Francois: This is a marvelous piece of dawnstone…what would you like in return, madmoiselle?~
Ashara: I need you to enchant this for me. ♦hands him Elves’ Tears and Spirit Rune♦
Francois: Yes, I see. Would you mind if I made an…adjustment? ♦waggles eyebrows♦
Ashara: … it depends what this adjustment is.
Francois: A few of my touches, here and there~
Ashara: No frills, dwarf. Just enchant it.
Kayan: (Francois ok.jpg)
Francois: No frills, but I CAN add my adjustments then? Understood. ♦leaves before Ashara can say something♦
Francois: ♦returns with your staff which now has a BRIGHT PINK BLADE AT THE END, you see rose patterns on it♦ ♦holds the staff♦ ………….♦inspects staff♦ … Shockingly, I don’t hate it. ♦twirls the staff around♦
Ashara: ♦the staff’s blade sparkles in the light♦ It feels… POWERFUL, somehow. Fine work, dwarf.
Francois: I look forward to enchanting your weapons again, madmoiselle~ ♦bows♦

You all find yourselves approaching the Mourning Wood in the thick of night. The place is eerily silent, save for the sounds of laughter coming from within the pub.
Ashara: ♦opens the door to the pub♦
You see groups of qunari and elves – and a few humans – sitting at the tables, laughing and drinking and sharing bawdy stories. The few that look your way and see Ashara glare.
Ashara: ♦glares back♦ The fuck you looking at?
The crowd inside gets more agitated towards you and you see some people take their knives out.
Kayan: ♦scoffs♦ Great Ashara, you made everyone want to kill us now
Ashara: ♦cackles♦ What? I didn’t know people in Seheron were so delicate.
Sten: Mistress, I believe they don’t like…ah, what was the colloquial term? Oh yes, “Vints”.
Ihrlie: ♦looks uneasy♦
Ashara: Good people. As you can tell from the sound of my voice, I am no… Vint.
One of them spits in Ashara’s general direction.
Ashara: … THAT’S IT. ♦hurls a fireball at the spitter♦
Ashara reaches the TN for Fireball
Ashara’s fireball hits the table and then, suddenly, all the people in the tavern as if they had never been there to begin with.
Sten: Mistress! ♦points out the window♦
Ashara: ♦looks out the window♦
You see skeletons rise from the soil of the town. They begin to close in on the tavern, trapping all five of you within.
Ashara: ♦cackles♦ Wonderful. The undead.
Kayan: ♦sighs♦ Why am I helping Ashara again?
You hear them clawing at the door.
Ashara succeeds at a Perception (Seeing) test
Sten fails a Perception (Seeing) test
Kayan fails a Perception (Seeing) test
Ihrlie a Perception (Seeing) test
Ashara spots something glowing in one of the backrooms.
Ashara: ♦approaches the glowing object♦
It turns out to be a glyph.
Ashara: ♦squints at the glyph♦
Ashara fails a Magic test
Ihrlie fails a Magic test
Ashara and Ihrlie concentrate their magic, but it sizzles out.
Lucas takes on look at the gylph and shrugs as he snaps his fingers and the wall EXPLODES while Lucas turns around to face you.
Sten: ♦Greatly Approves♦
Ashara: Impressive, warden!
The hole in the wall reveals a passage into a tunnel. The party enters the tunnel. Ashara lights the way with her glowing pink staff.
Ashara fails a Cunning (Navigation) test
Kayan fails a Cunning (Navigation) test
Lucas fails a Cunning (Navigation) test
Ihrlie fails a Cunning (Navigation) test
Sten fails a Cunning (Navigation) test
The party gets horribly lost.
Ashara: ♦looks around♦ Where the fuck are we.
The ground beneath you turns to soft much and you realize, you’re sinking down into the muck.
Kayan fails a Constitution (Endurance) test
Ashara fails a Constitution (Endurance) test
Ihrlie fails a Constitution (Endurance) test
Sten succeeds at a Constitution (Endurance) test
Lucas succeeds at a Constitution (Endurance) test
Ashara: STEN. ♦sinking♦
Sten and Lucas manage to pull themselves out of the mud.
Kayan: ♦Gurgles♦ Save - Ihrlie
Sten: ♦does a somersault and steps on Kayan’s head to get to Ashara♦
Ashara: Excellent work, Sten. You’re the best slave ever.
Sten succeeds at a Strength (Might) check
Sten: ♦pulls Ashara out and carries her bridal style to the dry part of the tunnel♦
Lucas fails a Strength (Might) check
Lucas tries to drag Kayan and Ihrlie out, but falls flat on his face instead and takes 5dmg. Ihrlie and Kayan take 15 dmg, getting pulled under the mud, until Sten reaches down and drags you both out.
Ashara: ♦watches the exchange dispassionately♦ We might as well help them, Sten.
Sten: Perhaps we should try the OTHER tunnel this time. ♦points to the opposite direction♦
Ashara: Yes, let’s. ♦goes that way♦
You continue along until you hear the sound of the sea nearby. In the distance, you think you can see an exit, but a glowing glyph catches your eye.
shara succeeds at a Magic check
Ashara waves her hand over the glyph which dissipates.
Ashara: Voila~.
The glyph vanishes along with the wall, revealing a room.
Kayan: ♦rolls eyes♦ Wow…you’re so talented
Ashara: ♦clears throat♦ Sten. [Smack this fool.]
Sten: ♦smacks Kayan♦ ♦Approves Ashara, Disapproves Kayan♦
Inside you find what looks like soldiers’ quarters.
Ashara: Hmm, what do we have here. ♦looks around♦
Kayan fails a Perception (Seeing) check
Sten fails a Perception (Seeing) check
Ihrlie fails a Perception (Seeing) check
Lucas fails a Perception (Seeing) check
You see…a room.
Ihrlie succeeds at a Perception (Seeing) check
Lucas succeeds at a Perception (Seeing) check
Ashara succeeds at a Perception (Seeing) check
Kayan fails a Perception (Seeing) check
Sten fails a Perception (Seeing) check
Ihrlie and Lucas find lyrium potion x 1. Ashara find elfroot potion x 1
Ihrlie sees one locked box on a table. Lucas sees a pile of papers on a nearby table.
Kayan succeeds at a Dexterity (Lockpicking) check
Kayan apporoaches the box and picks the lock.
Inside you find the ring that Vesperus was talking about.
Kayan: Oh, nothing useful…How sad.
Ashara: Aha, here it is. ♦takes the ring♦ This must be the ring Ves spoke of.
Sten: ♦pockets the box♦ This looks valuable, mistress.
Ashara: The box, you say? Yes, perhaps. Hold onto it.
Sten: We could sell this for 40 silver.
Ashara: I like the way you think, Sten. ♦approves♦
Meanwhile, Lucas and Ihrlie approach the papers, trying to decipher the handwriting.
Ihrlie fails a Cunning (Writing) check
Lucas fails a Cunning (Writing) check
Ihrlie and Lucas stare vacantly at the papers. SUDDENLY, you all feel skeletal hands grab your ankles.
Ashara: WHAT THE
Lucas: W-what the?!
Ihrlie: AH—
Kayan: Ihrlie!
They tug at you and you all fall down to the ground. The papers fly off the table and the ring flies across the room.
Kayan fails a Strength (Might) test
Ihrlie fails a Strength (Might) test
Lucas fails a Strength (Might) test
Ashara fails a Strength (Might) test
The skeletal hands claw at all of you, doing 10 dmg
Sten succeeds at a Strength (Might) test
Lucas succeeds at a Strength (Might) test
Ihrlie succeeds at a Strength (Might) test
Ashara succeeds at a Strength (Might) test
Kayan fails a Strength (Might) test
Sten not only breaks free, he smashes all the skeletons around him in the process. Ashara, Lucas and Ihrlie break free as well.
>save Kayan?
>save papers?
>save ring?
Ashara: ♦gasps for breath♦ Excellent work, Sten.
Ashara: > save ring
Ihrlie: >KAYAN
Kayan: ♦Dying and feels life slowly slipping away♦
Ihrlie: Kayan!!
Ihrlie fails a Strength (Might) check
The claws claw at Kayan, causing 10 dmg and knocking him unconscious.
Ashara: ♦ignores and dives for the ring♦
Ashara succeeds at a Dexterity (Legerdemain) check
Ashara manages to catch the ring in midair.
Ashara: ♦catches the ring♦ Good.
Kayan: ♦KO’d♦
Sten: ♦looks down at Kayan and shrugs♦
Ashara: ♦handwaves♦ Help them, Sten. The sooner we get out, the better.
Sten succeeds at a Strength (Might) check
Sten: ♦smashes the claws and eggrolls to get to Kayan, dragging his sorry ass to safety♦
Ihrlie: ♦casts Revive♦
Ihrlie fails to reach the TN for Revive.
Kayan remains unconscious as Ihrlie’s magic fizzles out.
Lucas fails a Dexterity (Legerdemain) test
Lucas ignores Kayan as well and tries to snatch the papers, but they slip out of his reach.
Ihrlie reaches the TN for Revive
Ashara: ♦inspecting the ring♦ iiinteresting.
Ihrlie: ♦revives Kayann♦
Kayan: ♦coughs out a skeleton finger♦
Sten: ♦stomps on skeleton hands cropping up around Ashara, heedless of the rest of you♦
Ashara: Excellent work as always, Sten. ♦nods♦
Sten: ♦Approves♦
Ashara and Sten rush out of the room. Kayan stays behind to grab the papers.
Kayan succeeds at a Dexterity (Legerdemain) check
Kayan: Hey, don’t forget the papers ♦frowns♦
Kayan manages to get the papers and you all exit the room with Sten stomping on a few skeletons as the three mages seal the room shut once more.
Ashara: ♦dusts crusted mud off her pants♦ Well, that went well.
Sten: ♦dusts Ashara for her♦
Lucas: WHY were there undead there of all places?
Ashara: Who fucking cares. We have the ring.
Kayan: ♦glares at Ashara♦ Well, she did burn everyone at the tavern
Sten: ♦Disapproves♦ ♦smacks Kayan♦
Kayan takes 5 dmg
Ashara: Good, Sten. If you didn’t notice, fool, there weren’t really any people in the tavern.
Ihrlie: ♦gives Kayan an Elfroot potion♦
Kayan: ♦rejects♦ It’s alright, Ihrlie. I can manage.
Ihrlie: ♦nods♦
As you head out the exit you the tunnel, the waves crash into you. The papers fly into the air and the ring starts to float out into the sea.
Ashara: FUUUUUCK. ♦doggy paddles toward the ring♦ STEN! THE RING!
Kayan: ♦watches Ahsara with amusement♦ ♦Kayan does nothing♦
Ashara fails a Constitution (Swimming) check
Ashara: THE! RING!
The Maker (GM): Ashara vanishes under the waves……
Ihrlie runs after the papers as the wind whisks it away.
Ihrlie succeeds at a Dexterity (Legerdemain) check
Ihrlie manages to gather the papers and tucks them away, safely.
Kayan: ♦laughs♦ That’s what you get!
Ashara: ♦glug glug glug♦
Sten: ♦swims under to save Ashara, moving like a majestic seal♦
Lucas fails a Constitution (Swimming) check
Lucas vanishes under the waves…….
Sten: collects Lucas as well, sparkling with the water
Kayan succeeds at a Constitution (Swimming) check
Kayan grabs the ring before it floats off.
Sten drags Ashara and Lucas’ unconscious bodies and proceeds to give them mouth-to-mouth
Ashara: ♦coughs up water♦ ACK.
Lucas: ♦coughs♦ MAKER
Kayan: ♦stuffs ring into pocket♦
Ashara was unconscious so she did not notice Kayan keeping it.
Ashara: ♦looks around blearily♦ The… the ring…?
Sten: ♦shakes head♦
Ashara: FASTA VAS.
Kayan: ♦Kayan draws Ashara getting stabbed on the sand♦

Vesperus: Ashara…you look….soggy.
Ashara: ♦covered in blanket, looking miserable♦ I fucking hate water. ♦sneezes♦ I’m… ugh, fuck. I’m sorry, Ves. We had the ring, but the place flooded and we lost it at sea.
Ihrlie: ♦looks at Kayan♦
Kayan: ♦Kayan whistles and looks away♦
Vesperus: ♦walks up next to her and lights a flame on his palm to warm her♦ The ring? You actually tried to look for that? Look, I didn’t expect you to find it. You actually trying to swim ♦snorts♦ for it though. Heh, I owe you one.
Ashara: ♦approves the flame♦ Hah, swam? I can barely fucking swim. Shit, sorry… Ugh, we almost had it.
Kayan: Too bad Ashara messed up
Vesperus: ♦bitchslaps Kayan with his spiky gauntlet♦
Kayan takes 20 dmg
Kayan: ♦wimpers and crawls to a dusty corner♦
Ashara: ♦casts Fireball on Kayan♦
Ashara reaches the TN for Fireball
Kayan takes 19 dmg and is knocked out again.
Ihrlie: ♦casts Revive♦
Ihrlie reaches the TN for Revive
Kayan: ♦Slowly stands up♦ ♦Faces Ihrlie with tears♦ Thank you, Ihrlie
Ihrlie: ♦nods and smiles♦
Ashara: ♦slumps back into blankets in a huff♦
Kayan: ♦eyes Ihrlie and shakes head♦
Kayan: ♦mouths no to Ihrlie♦
Ihrlie: ♦whimpers at Kayan’s charred appearance♦…♦gives the papers♦ :<
Kayan: ♦frowns♦
Ves succeeds at a Cunning (Writing) check
Vesperus: ♦squints at the papers♦ I know this handwriting….
Kayan: ♦sheds a single tear♦ Ihrlie, why do you do this…
Ihrlie: ♦frowns♦…
Ashara: ♦looks over his shoulder♦ Hurr… words…
Vesperus: It’s a letter from that gurgut-fucker!
Ashara: Gurgut-fuc— OH. [MAXIMIAN?!]
Ashara: ♦shouts to the room♦ EVERYBODY GET OUT. THIS IS PRIVATE.
Lucas: ♦shrugs and leaves♦
Kayan: ♦raises hands♦ I didn’t even want to be involved in the first place
Ihrlie: ♦leaves♦…
Ashara succeeds at a Communication (Persuasion) check
Vesperus: ♦was about to set it on fire♦ ♦narrows his eyes♦ Why? You’ve been trying to stop me from ripping his intestines out and using it to strangle him with. It’s not like you. Why?
Ashara: ♦puts a hand on his shoulder♦ Woman’s intuition. I have a feeling you need to know the truth, mi amigo.
*Vesperu*s: ♦snaps his fingers and kills the flame♦ You actually went all the way to that shithole to do something for me. FINE. I’ll read this…but I’m burning it after! ♦retreats to his room♦

Florastine: The preparations are underway to attack the temple already.
Fia: I did some scouting. Looks like dream guy was right about them knowing you were coming. Recently, there have been more soldiers milling about the temple. One of us will go first and scout the area out.
Haza: We’ll also need three people to lead our military forces. There are a lot of templars and we’ll need to engage them as a distraction. They’re already expecting us, let’s make them look elsewhere for us.
Amastris: Based on what Fialka has gathered, it seems that they are securing the area with a magical barrier channeled through two fonts. A mage could handle it, but the loci of power are placed within contraptions that must be held open for our magic to reach it. Once the fonts are destroyed, you’ll be inside the temple ground.
Fia: Assuming we get past the barrier, we’ll need someone to open up an entrance. There’s a side entrance you can go through. How they go through it is up to them. The lever needs two people to hold it open.
Florastine: That’ll allow us to get two teams inside. The temple is pretty big and our distraction won’t last too long, so it would be better if two teams can cover more ground within.
> select one rogue to scout ahead
> select two mages and anyone else to accompany them
> select three warriors
> select any two people to enter the side entrance
> select 1 NPC for your party; the rest will form their own party

After heated arguments and much deliberations, the party decides on the following:
> Scout: Fia
Fia: Me? giggles You can definitely count on me!
> Warriors leding Ashara’s men: Manlietta, Sten, Haza
Haza: I’ll get your soldiers alive out of this.
Manlietta: THEY SHALL LEARN TO RUE THE DAY THEY FACED MANLIETTA! eyes bulge while she laughs heartily
Sten: ♦bows to Ashara♦ It will be an honor to win glory in your name, mistress.
> 2 Mages + Guards: Florastine and Decimus + Ves and Max
Florastine: i’ll do my best to get you guys in quickly.
Decimus: Yeah, I’ll keep an eye on her alright. ♦leers then winks at Florastine when Manlietta isn’t looking♦
Florastine: ♦disgusted noise♦ Just…don’t get us killed, please.
Vesperus: I’ll smash that portal wide open for you, Ashara. Hehe…wide open…♦side eyes Maximian♦ And I promise not to kill you unless you distract me.
Maximian: ♦laughs♦ I can be pretty distracting.
Vesperus eugh. Why did you lump me with him…
>Side-entrance: Amastris and Florastine
Amastris: Sure you jest…HIM? Are we certain he can even hold that lever open?
Francois: HON HON HON, i’ll have you know, magister, that I am quite skilled with my fingers.
Amastris: Yes…we could feed those fingers to the attack wyverns…
Francois: ♦swallows♦ A-Attack wyverns.
Amastris: Why, of course. Every magister has one. Haven’t you seen Kiwi? ♦laughs darkly♦
Francois: But you are a magister! I trust you to handle those disgusting, scaly things. Now, we need matching uniforms if we are a team! I can see it know. Pink ruffles, studded with sapphires. MAGNIFIQUE!
Amastris: I utterly loathe you all so much right now.
> Leftover party: Arellen and Jerome.
Arellen: So, you and I will be working together. I must warn you that before battle, we Dalish require our battle companions to consume that still-beating heart of a hyena.
Jerome: ♦swallows♦ I-Is that so? I would never disrespect your customs…
Arellen: That is the first pre-battle ritual. You will be eating many disgusting things to prove to Andruil that you have a hunter’s heart. ♦serious face♦
Jerome: ♦sweats♦ …truly?
Arellen: ♦laughs and slaps Jerome on the back♦ Worry not about us, ma vhenan. Do your part and I shall watch over Jerome here.
>NPC with party: Cyrus
Cyrus: I will do everything in my power to stop Vita…and ♦glances at Ihrlie♦ keep you all safe.

With everyone in Ashara’s estate making the final preparations, the party crafts a few potions and armor, trade items and get their weapons enchanted.
Kayan: ♦goes up to Ashara♦ Hey, you.
Ashara: Address me with that tone one more time and I will burn you where you stand.
Kayan: ♦sighs♦ Hypothetically speaking, what would give if someone had Vesperus’s ring?
Ashara: ♦puts two and two together♦ You have his ring. I could just kill you.
Kayan: ♦Looks away♦ No—nooo. Where did you get such a silly idea?
Ashara: Hahahaha. ♦cackles♦ You brought it up. Now why shouldn’t I kill you?!
Kayan: ♦Smirks♦ If you kill me, then you will never know where the ring is.
Ashara: ♦narrows eyes at Kayan♦ What do you want.
Kayan: Hmmm ♦folds arms and looks up♦ I don’t know, what can you offer me…Give me your best deal.
Ashara: Hah, you assume I want the ring that badly. ♦begins to walk away♦
Kayan: Wait! Fine, why not just give me your bear pelt and 10 sovereigns. Deal?
Ashara: 10 sovereigns?! That’s 10 slaves.
Kayan: Ring or 10 slaves? What do you say?
Ashara: Fine. ♦trades♦
Kayan: The ring is in the laundry basket
Ashara: ♦takes the ring♦
Kayan: Be careful, there’s a lot of sexy small clothes there
Ashara: ♦Approaches Ihrlie♦ I see you have a corrupting rune. How much.
Ihrlie: ♦gives Ashara the rune for 10 silver♦
Ashara: ♦hands her 60 silver♦ Don’t be a fool, girl. Make preparations. We need you alive for the temple.
Ihrlie: ♦nods♦
Lucas: ♦gives a sword to Francois♦ Here, this might help. It’s kind of plain but I have faith that you’ll make it pretty. You are quite gifted after all
Francois: Oh, monsieur warden, how thoughtful~~ ♦winks provocatively♦ NO HOMO THO SI VOUS PLAIT
Lucas: ♦nods♦ No homo.
Ihrlie: ♦gladly gives back the lightning rune to Kayan♦
Kayan: ♦embarrassed♦ Thanks, Ihrlie
Lucas: ♦gives plaidweave to Ihrlie♦ Here you go, this might help since you don’t have armor
Ihrlie: ♦thanks Lucas and puts it on♦
Ihrlie had yet to ask Fia to sew the plaidweave into mage armor and put a the cloth on her head.
Ihrlie: ……♦removes the cloth♦
The party equips some of the NPCs with items. Lucas gives Warden armor to Arellen and gives him a dragonbone staff. He also gains a pink staff blade, courtesy of Francois. Kayan gives Jerome bear pelt rogue armor. Ihrlie crafts ugly plaidweave armor for herself. Ashara crafts a pink, sparkly dawnstone staff for Vesperus as he has been using nothing but spiky gauntlets for the past 6 years…

Vesperus: Thanks for the staff…I never really considered using one before…………….
Ashara: You’ll get used to it. Stabbing people with it can be quite fun. More importantly! ♦brandishes the ring♦ LOOK.
Vesperus: The ring! You actually found that old thing? With this, I can weaken those bitches’ defenses somewhat when you go against them.
Ashara: Excellent. ♦cackles♦ WE MUST DESTROY THEM. BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA— ♦coughs♦
Ashara: BWAHAHAHAH— ♦calms down♦ Anyway, this is it. Don’t die out there, my friend.
Vesperus: Hey, don’t talk like that. Look, I’m going to say this once or else this thing called “emotions” ♦gestures with his fingers♦ will make us vomit on each other shoes, you’re the best and only friend, I have Ashara. Meeting you in cheese land? No regrets at all. It’s going to be fun slaughtering those fuckers with you. You better come back alive so we can get drunk together again.
Ashara: You’re the only good thing that came out of cheeseland, Ves. ♦holds her hand out for a handshake♦ We’ll get through this.
Vesperus: ♦shakes her hand♦ and we’ll paint Carastes red with our enemies’ blood when we do.
Ashara: That’s a promise. OH, ONE MORE THING. ♦hands Ves sexy smallclothes♦
Vesperus: The pink staff I get…what the fuck—
Ashara: ♦kisses Ves on the cheek♦ You know what to do, mi amigo. ♦walks away, cackling♦
Vesperus gives Ashara jar of bees x 2, lyrium potion x 1, Antivan Fire Bomb x 1 and Confusion Grenade x 1

Arellen: You look nervous.
Lucas: ♦sighs♦ I don’t know… I have a bad feeling about this. How are you? How do you feel after the Joining?
Arellen: Aside from the strange dreams? Not any different, I thought it would feel…stranger.
Lucas: Most people do. It isn’t so bad in the beginning. You only really notice the dreams later on. And the darkspawn because a call that you must answer. Unnerving, sure, but doable
Arellen: Extremely doable since you are here. ♦chuckles when Lucas blushes♦
Lucas: Arellen! ♦blushes♦
Arellen: Mala suledin nadas, ma vhenan. I did not survive that Joining just for us to die in that temple. We will make it through this and at the end of it all, you’ll find me waiting for you. Be careful out there.
Lucas: ♦nods♦ I will. I won’t be with you but be safe, emma lath.
Arellen: ♦looks surprised for a bit♦ Where did you learn that word? ♦shakes his head, a fond smile on his face♦ You never cease to amaze me. ♦dips Lucas and kisses him deeply♦
Arellen gives Lucas healing mist x 1, lyrium potion x 1, elfroot x 2, magebane x 1

Cyrus: Ihrlie— ♦face scrunches up when he sees the plaidweave♦
Ihrlie: ♦blinks cluelessly and grins♦ Do you like it? Ser Lucas bought it for me. ♦feels more like an official party member♦
Cyrus: I..ah……i-i-it looks……….eye-catching. ♦clears his throat♦ So we’re entering that temple together to face my sister. You don’t look worried at all. Maker’s breath….how do you do that?
Ihrlie: ♦looks at the rest of the party, Ashara picking her nose, Lucas still in Arellen’s arms, Kayan subtly making I’m-watching-you gestures at Cyrus♦…♦smiles♦
Ihrlie: Something tells me we can brave through this storm with ease. ♦has a strong sense of family with these members♦
Cyrus: But, I’m…I’ve never been this frightened before, because there’s so much more for me to lose now…♦rubs the back of his neck♦ What I mean to say is…♦tries to imitate a chevalier and kneels before her♦ Would you allow me to protect you my lady? ♦trying to be smooth but is internally screaming♦
Ihrlie: ♦blushes and smiles brightly before a selfless Cyrus♦ I would be honored to be protected by you. And to fight by your side.
Cyrus: Of course. I’m glad I spoke to you before we left. Knowing you’re there is making me a little less nervous. ♦stands up again and faces her♦ Alright, I’m still nervous, but I feel better knowing I have someone as strong as you with me.
Ihrlie: ♦touches his cheek in comfort♦ ♦but frowns a little♦…One thing has been on my mind, though. ♦her hands on his plated armor chest♦ How did you manage it? Buying my freedom?
Cyrus: I………..♦brows furrow momentarily and he almost pulls away, but her soft touch anchors him in place♦ I pawned the heirloom. I thought about what you said. Family isn’t only by blood…and well…I-I…someday, we could be a family…if you permit it.
Ihrlie: ♦shocked at Cyrus’ sacrifice, but mostly touched by his gesture♦…♦and grins at his mention of a ‘new family’♦ ♦nods excitedly♦ O-Of course I would! ♦hugs him around the neck♦
Cyrus: Ihrlie…♦places his hands on her lower back and gazes at her for the longest time♦ We will make it through this. We have to. ♦they kiss against the setting sun♦
Cyrus gives Ihrlie stamina draught x 1, deathroot toxin x 1, elfroot potion x 1 and silk brocade mage armor x 1 because he cannot stand the plaidweave armor.
Ihrlie gives the left over plaidweave armor to Florastine.
Florastine: ♦Disapproves♦

Jerome: ♦kneeling down next to one of his traps, testing it until he hears Kayan’s footsteps, then he turns around and stands, wiping his hands on his tights♦ Kayan, there you are. You appear pensive…is anything the matter?
Kayan: ♦Nervously walks up to Jerome♦ ♦Looks down and plays with his fingers♦
Jerome, there’s something I want to tell you. I don’t know if either of us will make it out alive, so I’m just going to say it… I’m sorry for making you suffer for all these years. ♦Starts crying♦ I’m so sorry, I been such a fool…
Jerome: Suffer? Whatever do you mean? Kayan? No…what’s wrong? ♦tries to calm him down, placing his hands on Kayan’s shoulders♦
Kayan: ♦Cheeks all red and puffy♦ ♦Shakes head♦ I’m so sorry, I’m so sorry…♦Starts falling to the ground and covers face with hands♦ How did you put up with me for 6 years? I don’t deserve you. ♦Hiccups♦
Jerome: ♦holds Kayan up♦ Whatever are you apologizing for? ♦places his hands on Kayan’s cheeks, so that they’re looking at each other♦ If you believe that I have suffered because of you…then you are mistaken.Even this scar…I wear it proud, because of it…I met you. You could be a selfish mercenary like Ashara, but instead, you dedicate your life to helping others…how could I not want to be with someone like you?
Kayan: ♦Turns away♦ What do you mean? I been so distant with you and rude. I never once said thank you for saving my life. ♦Hiccups♦ ♦Rubs eyes♦ Look at me. Why do you want to be with a mess like me?
Jerome: No. ♦cups Kayan’s chin and he moves closer, his other arm cradling Kayan♦ If I did not deserve you, if I did not want you, then I would not be standing here right now. You may think that I do not deserve you, but it is the other way around. I cannot protect you the way you protect Ihrlie. I cannot always give you what you need…for a time, I thought you did not need me and I was desperate to keep you from leaving…but you remained with me all this time.
Kayan: ♦Blushes♦ But it’s because… ♦Pauses and looks down, too ashamed to look at Jerome’s eyes♦ I was using you for your money. ♦Covers face, too embarrassed to look at Jerome♦ There I said it! I understand if you want to leave me now…. I’m such a horrible person
Jerome: I do not care. ♦his voice is almost a growl and Kayan remembers his hidden bloodlust♦ I’m the one…♦he starts trembling♦ I’m the one who’s weak………I want you so much, I do not care. I can no longer live without you Kayan…so please, don’t leave me.
Kayan: ♦Slowly looks up and blushes♦ You lived without me once, before you met me, can’t you do it again?
Jerome: No…I cannot……once I met you, everything changed. I changed, as if a part of myself carved a space for you. I need you, Kayan. I love you. ♦he can no longer stop a few tears dropping down his face♦
Kayan: ♦More tears fall from Kayan’s eyes♦ Please, stop crying, Jerome. I can’t bear to see you like that. ♦Wipes away tears♦ You’re always such a crybaby. ♦Gives a small smile♦ But I am too. ♦places both hands on Jerome’s cheeks and kisses him♦ ♦Hugs Jerome tightly♦
Please, don’t die out there…I don’t know what to do either if I lost you. ♦Kisses forehead♦ I love you, Jerome And I will always will, I promise you that.
Jerome gives Kayan cheese x 3, healing mist x 2, regenerative potions x 1 and quiet death x 1.

The party arrives at the outskirts of Carastes, their presence masked by the thick jungle foliage. You see your other comrades get into position, moving through the grass.
Fia: We’re going to start moving…you better be ready cause we’re not getting a second chance.
Lucas: ♦nod♦ Maker watch over us
Ashara: ♦cackles♦ Let’s do this.
Kayan: ♦Closes eyes♦ [Don’t worry, I’ll be back for you, Jerome.]
Ihrlie: ♦braces self, thinking of Cyrus♦
Fia: ♦shes nods back and then rushes ahead of you, a thick smoke enveloping her until the only sign of her presence visible to you is the sound of her bowstring being drawn♦
Fia rolls a 30 vs TN 21
Fia: ♦she completely slips past an entire contingent of guards, arrows piercing them until the guards begin to fall into disarray, as they are picked off one by one by an invisible enemy♦
With the enemy panicked, Ashara’s soldiers march into battle, lead by Haza, Sten and Manlietta.
Manlietta: FEAR ME! YOU FACE THE WRATH OF MANLIETTA! ♦crazed smile as she barrels into enemies♦
Kayan: ♦Yells♦ I believe in you, Bodacious Bronto!
Manlietta rolls a 20 vs TN 21
Manlietta: ♦she swings her axe around, chopping three soldiers in half but one strike her from behind with a lance♦ AARRGGHHYOU PUSTULENT PISS SACKS! AAAARRGGHHH! I WILL GRIND YOUR BONES INTO DUST! ♦jerks back so that the man holding the spear is slammed against a tree♦
Sten: There appears to be more enemies than we anticipated. ♦cartwheels past an enemy slashing at him then uses his whip to strike another one nearby♦
Haza: Manlietta needs help, Sten! ♦Sten nods and does a triple flip to Manlietta, the sweat dripping off his lithe form sparkling in the sunlight♦ We better end this fight soon. ♦jams her sword down an enemy’s throat♦
Sten rolls a 14 vs TN 21
Sten: ♦attempts to aid Manlietta but two guards chance upon him, their daggers drawn as they stab him♦ How dare you! ♦twists away, pulling the two daggers out of him and throwing it at his attackers, but he staggers afterwards, seriously injured already♦
Ihrlie: ♦gasps♦
Haza rolls a 25 vs TN 21
Haza: ♦she looks back at you, knowing she can only save one♦
> party chooses to leave the choice to a dice roll and saves Manlietta
Haza: ♦steels herself and rushes at a man attacking Manlietta who has fallen to her knees, full of lances sticking out of her, cutting him down♦
Manlietta: ♦pulls a lance out of herself, impaling another soldier with it♦ SAVE THE SPARKLY ONE!
Haza: ♦turns to rush to Sten, but it is too late♦
Sten: ♦blood spurts from his throat when an enemy’s dagger strikes him and he falls to his knees as three other men stab him♦ I ♦knees one assailant in the stomach♦ WILL ♦elbows the other, shattering his nose♦ NOT ♦pulls a dagger out of himself and slits the enemy’s throat♦ FAIL MY MISTRESS.
Sten: ♦breathing hard, he turns around and sees an entire contingent of archers trained on him♦ Mistress! It was an honor to serve you and it is an honor to die for you as well. ♦the arrows strike him, killing him♦ …………………………………………sparkles one last time, then falls dead♦
Ihrlie: ♦tears up at the loss of her only slave friend left♦
Cyrus: ♦gives Ihrlie a hug♦
Kayan: ♦Looks at Sten sadly♦ I’m sorry….
Lucas: ♦Cries♦

With the army engaging Ashara’s men, you follow the path Fia took, flanked by your other allies. The mages move ahead with their defenders.
Florastine: ♦rushes towards the first font of power and slashes a man with her spirit blade♦ We can’t let the soldiers die for nothing. ♦she turns and releases a bolt of lightning st an enemy charging at them♦
Decimus: Better hurry it up there….♦struggles as he holds the lever open revealing the loci of power as Florastine casts her spell♦
Florastine rolls an 11 vs TN 21
Decimus rolls an 8 vs TN 21
Florastine: ♦falls backwards as the font overloads with energy, knocking her and Decimus to the ground♦
Vesperus: Fasta Vas! We’ll have to do their dirty work then.
Ves rolls a 25 vs TN 21
Vesperus: ♦transforms into a drake and tears the throat out of a soldier who was about to strike them♦ ♦nasty dragon sounds♦
Maximian rolls a 26 vs TN 21
Maximian: ♦drags Decimus and Florastine up, carrying them over his lumberjack shoulders, with his free hand, he holds the font open♦
Fia rolls a 22 vs TN 21
Fia: ♦she dives out of the way as a Festus comes barrelling out of the foliage♦ Shit! Watch out! What is that thing?! ♦she lets lose an arrow at Festus, but he is barely fazed as his fat rolls absorb the arrow♦
Maximian rolls a 23 vs TN 21
Maximian: ♦holds his shield up at the last moment, blocking Festus before he squashes all four of them♦ Maker’s balls! Ves, hurry it up a little there.
Vesperus: ♦transforms into a human again and gets ready to shatter the font♦
>party chooses Decimus to defend the other three while they destroy the font
Decimus rolls a 7 vs TN 21
Decimus rolls out of the way as Festus strikes him and darts in close to stab Festus, but the beast smashes its fist on him, shattering his skull and grinding his head into pulp. Having taken care of one of them, Festus barrels forward waving his arms frantically, releasing massive red lyrium shards at the remaining three.
Florastine rolls an 8 vs TN 21
Florastine helps them hold the font open and is caught unawares as the a red lyrium shard heads straight for her.
Maximian rolls a 35 vs TN 21
Ves rolls a 30 vs TN 21
Maximian: ♦shoves Florastine down, injuring her, but also stopping a red lyrium shard from killing her♦ Ves, take its leg down so that it won’t ram into us! ♦cuts a massive shard in half before it impales him and Florastine♦
Vesperus: Don’t tell me what to do, you gurgut-fucker! ♦transforms into a drake again and lunges at Festus’ leg♦ ♦nasty dragon sounds♦
Ves rolls a 31 vs Festus who rolls a 27
Vesperus: ♦the drake’s body shatters one of Festus’ legs, sending it down♦
Ashara: ♦sees them amidst the chaos♦ FUCK YEAH, VES!
>party chooses to make the trio run to make some distance between them and Festus
Maximian and Ves roll 31, but Festus rolls a 31 as well
You shout at them to run to the next font. Maximian throws Florastine over his shoulder as they run, but Festus hobbles after them, almost catching up to them, his fat layers jiggling with each earth-shaking step.
Ves rolls a 34 vs TN 21
Vesperus: Venhedis, I can’t wait to stab that fat fuck’s balls off. ♦points his gay ass staff at the second font♦
Maximian: Doesn’t this remind you of old times? ♦holds the font open and it shatters in one blow♦
Vesperus: By old times, you mean me picking up your slack? Then yes.
Maximian rolls a 31 vs Festus who rolls a 36
Festus looms behind them, dragging his shattered leg behind. He catches Maximian off guard and smashes his fist into Maximian’s side, breaking his ribs and knocking him against a tree, tossing Florastine as well♦
Florastine rolls an 8 vs TN 14
Florastine: ♦tries to get up, but a red lyrium shard impales her leg as Festus looms over her, ready to smash her♦
Ves rolls a 31 vs Festus who rolls a 33
Lucas: ♦throws ice but it smashes into tiny bits against the barrier♦
Festus: ♦just as he is about to smash Florastine, drake!Ves attacks him from behind, clawing at him; however, Festus strikes him, cutting him open in the abdomen with his red claw♦
Vesperus: ♦skids across the forest floor, returning to human form♦
Maximian rolls a 23 and Florastine rolls an 11vs Festus’ 36
Maximian: Florastine! ♦tries to get up and stop Festus but his injuries slow him down♦
Festus: ♦smashes his fat fist into Florastine first, killing her♦
Maximian rolls a 29, Ves rolls a 24 and Festus rolls a 28
Festus: ♦rushes at Ves who is trying to pick himself up off the ground, but Maximian beats his fat ass to him and he hauls Ves up, running to the first font♦
Maximian rolls a 31, Festus rolls a 31 and Ves rolls a 34
Maximian: ♦reaches the first font again and holds it open, dropping his shield in the process; Ves holds his gay ass staff at the font but Festus lumbers up behind them♦
Maker’s balls! ♦just as Festus is about to strike, Maximian matches his strength, holding his fist up from squashing both of them with his bare hands
Ves rolls a 29 vs Festus who also rolls a 29
Festus: ♦the font shatters just as Festus is gaining the upper hand and Ves tackles Max as Festus’ grubby hand smashes into the ground*
Lucas: ♦runs♦ DAMMIT
Ihrlie: ♦HURRIES♦
Lucas: I’M GOING TO GET YOU, FESTUS, FOR FLORA!!!! ♦tears stream down his face as he readies an ice spell♦
The party engages Festus in a fight, spurred on by the lost of their friends.
Kayan: ♦attempts to use Quiet Death against Festus♦
Festus: ♦dodges the poison and the party sees what looks like an evil smile when he does, his fat rolls jiggling♦
The battle rages on and Festus proves a challenge for the party, but they’re able to whittle his life down. Ashara throws a Jar of Bees at Festus.
Festus: GRAAAGGHHH!! ♦panicks and swats at the bees as they attack him♦
The battle rages on until Lucas unleashes a flurry of ice spells at Festus, one after the other, his rage over Florastine’s death driving him.
Festus: GGRRGGGHHH— ♦tumbles over, dead♦
Kayan: ♦Kicks Festus’s layers♦
Ihrlie: ♦does the same♦
Party gains lyrium x 3.
Maximian: ♦watches the party as they head towards the temple♦ Shit, my everything hurts.
Vesperus: ♦winces♦ You have some explaining to do, bastard. Ashara found a letter…

With the barriers down, you continue towards the temple. Phaedra’s guards are still preoccupied with Ashara’s men swarming the temple grounds. Amastris runs towards the doors to hold the mechanism open. A soldier runs after her, slashing her back a bit. She stops, holding her wound as the soldiers grins, bringing his sword up to strike her down.
Amastris: ♦her eyes glow red as the soldier suddenly stops♦ You would do well to remember not to cross Amastris of House Dalamassus next time, cretin. ♦using blood magic, she makes him impale himself♦ Alas, you don’t have a next time.
Francois waddles after her.
Francois: Mon Maker! All this murder and smoke! It is running my silks! Tsk and how are we ever going to get that blood stain off your dress!
Amastris rolls a 16 vs TN 14
Amastris manages to make it into the side gate, quickly pulling the lever up.
Francois rolls a 3 vs TN 14
Francois falls flat on his face.
Francois: ♦girly shriek♦ I THINK I BROKE A TOOTH.
Amastris rolls a 14 vs TN 14
Amastris: ♦groans as she continues to hold the gate open, but with only one lever up, she begins to lose her grip♦
Francois rolls a 1 vs TN 14
Francois slips on mud and falls back down.
Francois: CURSE NATURE! A dwarf like me was made for palaces! I would like to raze this place and turn it into a chantry!
Unfortunately for them, the enemies’ guards are coming, realizing that your party will enter the temple.
Francois ♦crawls towards the door but several soldiers have surrounded him♦ LET THE WORLD KNOW THAT THEDAS WILL BE LESS FABULOUS WITHOUT ME AND THAT I DIED A MAGNIFICENT HERO, MY MAJESTIC BEARD GLINTING LIKE GILDEDGAAAAAHHHHKKKK—!!! ♦is stabbed to death multiple times♦
Amastris rolls a 13 vs TN 14
Amastris: H-Hurry—!! ♦she begins to lose her grip on the lever and the door begins to close♦
Kayan fails a Constitution (Running) check
Ihrlie fails a Constitution (Running) check
Cyrus fails a Constitution (Running) check
Ashara runs through the door, sliding under it, just as it it about to close and manages to get to the lever, holding it open alongside Amastris.
Ashara: ♦shouts out to them♦ HURRY!
Kayan succeeds at a Constitution (Running) check
Lucas succeeds at a Constitution (Running) check
Ihrlie fails a Constitution (Running) check
Cyrus succeeds at a Constitution (Running) check
Cyrus: ♦scoops Ihrlie into his arms when she trips runs, carrying her, inside♦
The door slams shut behind you as Arellen and Jerome run inside after the party.
Lucas: ♦cries♦ So much death….
Arellen: ♦strokes Lucas’ back to comfort him♦
Lucas: ♦stands up♦ Where are we?
Amastris joins Arellen and Jerome as the entire group makes it deeper into the temple. You come to a fork in the hallway.
Ashara: ♦squints♦ Where to?!
Arellen: We must split up. I will see you again after, ma vhenan.
Lucas: See you. ♦hugs♦ Please live, ma vhenan.
Arellen: Only if you can promise me the same. ♦embraces him♦
Jerome: Kayan…♦worried look♦ Please, be careful.
Kayan: ♦Has a small laugh, but has a face of worry♦ Of course, remember my promise?
Jerome: ♦a small, fond smile♦ How could I forget such a thing? ♦he gives Kayan a long hug much to Kayan’s surprise but Kayan melts into the embrace until they move apart♦
Amastris: I will go with them. Try not to get killed, Ashara.
Ashara: ♦smirks♦ I could say the same to you, Amastris. I’ll buy you a drink when this is over. ♦cackles♦

The other party goes down the other hallway….
Amastris rolls a 13 vs TN 14
Arellen rolls a 21 vs TN 14
Jerome rolls a 14 vs TN 14
Amastris trips on a wire and the ceiling starts to compress on them…
Arellen: RUN!
Arellen rolls a 16 vs TN 14
Jerome rolls a 23 vs TN 14
Amastris rolls a 13 vs TN 14
Jerome runs, his legs and his heart burning from the effort. Amastris trips and he tries to stop to help her but she waves him off. Arellen urges both of them to keep running, the ceiling brushing the crown of his head. Jerome runs faster than he thought he could and manages to outrun the other two, escaping the hallway with time to spare. Arellen manages to make it out as well…but when he turns back, he hears a sickening crunching sound………

You make your way down the temple’s hallways, looking at the strange images on the walls. There are dozens of dragons and people being mass murdered, bodies burning in massive pits.
Ihrlie: ♦cringes♦
Lucas: Maker’s breath….
Ashara: ♦looks at the images as they walk♦ …….. I like the look of this.
Lucas: It’s a nightmare….
Kayan: ♦covers mouth♦ This is absolutely terrible…
Ihrlie fails a Willpower (Self-Discipline) check
Ihrlie falls to her knees.
Ashara: IHRLIE?!
Lucas: ♦readies staff♦ what’s wrong?!
Cyrus: IHRLIE! What’s going on here?
Her eyes begin to blaze red, dark shadows pouring out of her mouth like smoke.
Lucas: Maker no….Is…
Kayan: ♦Starts crying♦ IHRLIE, NO!
Cyrus: VITA! Stop this if you can hear me!
Lucas: Ihrlie! Fight it! ♦magic begins to flare in desperation♦
Ihrlie: ♦starts to twitch, completely out of herself♦
Kayan: Ihrlie, if you’re in there, snap out of it!
Cyrus: IHRLIE! PLEASE! Come back to us!
Ihrlie: ♦suddenly, she returns to normal and slides to the ground♦
Ashara: Thanks for the offer, but I prefer to give, not receive.
Cyrus: Ihrlie!
Lucas: Ihrlie?!
Kayan: IHRLIE!?
Lucas: ♦magic at ready♦
Ashara: ♦looks at the path ahead♦ Stay on your guard.
Cyrus: ♦holds Ihrlie’s hand as she begins to wake up♦
Ihrlie: ♦stirs♦…?
Cyrus: Ihrlie, how do you feel?
Kayan: ♦Gives a faint smile♦ !
Ihrlie: ♦blinks awake, startled by everyone crowding around her♦
Lucas: Dark and foul things happened here… ♦looks around♦
Ashara: ♦inspecting the images♦
Lucas: ♦walks over to the peer at the image of the death pits♦
Ihrlie: I feel…alright, I guess.
Kayan: ♦Checks for wounds♦ Ihrlie, are you hurt?!
Ihrlie: ♦shakes head, holding Cyrus’ and Kayan’s hands♦ What happened?
Kayan: You were possessed. You had me so worried ♦Hugs Ihrlie tightly♦
Cyrus: ♦tightens his hold♦ But you broke free, like I knew you would.
Ihrlie: ♦blinks, confused and frightened♦ ♦is struck silent with relief…and dread♦
Cyrus: ♦looks angry♦ We have to stop Vita and Euresyne.
Ashara: ♦coughs loudly♦ We should move on. I don’t think Magisters Euresyne and Vita are waiting for us patiently.
Lucas: I agree. Let’s go.
Cyrus: ♦suddenly, he stands and looks around♦ I’ve been here before…
Lucas: ♦pauses♦ WHAT
Ashara: ♦stops♦ You have…?
Ihrlie: ♦looks up♦ Cyrus?
Lucas: …Are you an abomination?
Ashara: Tell us. EVERYTHING.
Lucas: ♦stares intently♦
Kayan: What do you mean?! Hey, what’s going on?!
Cyrus: As a child…with my father and Vita…..
Kayan: ♦Narrows eyes♦
Lucas: Keep talking.
Ashara: Your father. He wanted to do some crazy shit. Something about raising a city?!
Cyrus: I can’t remember anything specific right now. I was too young, a lot of it seemed like make believe at before…but I can recall some of the layout of the temple…
Ashara: Quick, lead the way.
Cyrus: Yes…if I remember correctly…there are holdingcsells where the somniari must be down to the left…the main chamber is to the right….
Ihrlie: ♦grips Cyrus’ hand tightly♦
Ashara: The somniari. Do you know where they have his daughter?!
Cyrus: Actually, I had seen her a few times. Vita seemed very fond of her.
Lucas: We have to get her then. Then we can free the somniari and get them both out.
Kayan: Quickly!
Ashara: The somniari promised to help us if we have her.
Lucas: Cyrus, where is she?
Ashara: Where do you think the child would be?
Cyrus: She must be with Vita…she always got along much better with children,
Kayan: Where IS Vita then?
Cyrus: This way.
Ashara: ♦follows♦
Ihrlie: ♦follows him closely♦
Kayan: ♦Follows quickly♦
Cyrus: ♦he leads you down the hallway until you reach two stairwells♦
Kayan: Where to next?
Ashara: Shit. Which one?!
Cyrus: One of them leads to Vita’s room…the other must be Euresyne’s.
Ashara: I’ll destroy the magister later. We need to get the child, fast.
Ihrlie: ♦hesitates, as either of these paths would lead to something grave♦
Kayan: Let’s go to Vita’s room
Ashara fails a Perception (Seeing) check
ihrlie succeeds at a Perception (Seeing) check
Ihrlie points to the door on the right. She notices that the other door is freshly painted and kept so well that it looks almost brand new. The one on the right has dirty hand prints on them. Small enough to belong to a child.
Ashara: This one has handprints. The child must be within.
Lucas: Good job Ihrlie! This must be it.
Kayan: ♦Pats Ihrlie♦ Let’s go.
Ihrlie: ♦goes ahead♦
Kayan succeeds at a Dexterity (Lockpicking) check
Ashara succeeds at a Dexterity (Lockpicking) check
Kayan almost finishes picking the lock but Ashara pushes him out of the way and opens it herself
Ashara: MOVE. ♦picks lock♦
Kayan: ♦Frowns♦
Ihrlie: ♦pouts♦

Ashara creaks the door open ever so slightly, just enough so that you can see within
Ashara: ♦peeks inside♦
Lucas: ♦holds up staff♦
Rellia: Vita, I miss my daddy…when can i see him again?
Ashara: ♦gestures for the others to keep quiet♦
Vita: ♦maniacal giggle♦ Soon, dear, soon. Don’t you want to play with me a bit more? ♦you hear lonliness in her voice♦
Lucas: ♦lowers staff♦ ♦pokes Cyrus♦
Rellia: I do! I don’t like to see you sad, Vita! But…whenever I got lonely, my daddy would make such pretty dreams for me. Now…I haven’t been dreaming lately
Ashara: [Shit, how do we get the kid out of here?!]
Lucas: ♦bites lip♦
Vita: But that also means no more nightmares, right? ♦rolls a ball towards her♦
Kayan: ♦whispers♦ Maybe, I can throw my dagger at her?
Ashara: ♦hisses to Kayan♦ No, we can’t have you risking the child.
Rellia: No…what about your nightmares?
Ashara: [This entire situation is a nightmare.]
Lucas: [Maker…]
Vita: They’re always there…………………….♦turns towards the door and points at you♦
Ashara: [Fuck.]
Ihrlie: [!!]
Ashara fails a Willpower (Self-Discipline) check vs Vita’s Magic (Blood)
Ihrlie fails a Willpower (Self-Discipline) check vs Vita’s Magic (Blood)
Kayan fails a Willpower (Self-Discipline) check vs Vita’s Magic (Blood)
Lucas fails a Willpower (Self-Discipline) check vs Vita’s Magic (Blood)
Cyrus succeed at a Willpower (Self-Discipline) check vs Vita’s Magic (Blood)
Vita: ♦she pulls you forward into the room, giggling maniacally as she forces you onto your knees with blood magic, causing your blood to boil♦ I’LL KILL YOU! I’LL KILL YOU ALL!
Everyone but Cyrus takes 10 dmg
Cyrus: ♦with great difficulty, gets up♦ Vita…stop this…….♦inches towards her♦ Please…..
Vita: Cy! Stay away, you traitor! Shit…why did you betray me?!
Ihrlie: ♦reaches out♦ Cyrus—!
Vita: You’re my only family left!
Cyrus: …they’re my family now. ♦breaks free from her hold and tackles her, freeing everyone else♦
Ihrlie: ♦gasps♦
Ashara: ♦gasps♦ The fuck— Kid! Come with me! I’ll take you to your father!
Vita: ♦screeches♦ GET OFF ME, CY! I HATE YOU! I HATE YOU ALL!
Rellia: ♦curls into a ball, not wanting to go near anyone♦
Ashara: ♦scoops Rellia up♦
Ihrlie gets the highest roll to succeed at a Communication (Persuasion) check vs Vita’s Willpower (Self-Discipline)
Ihrlie: ♦carefully approaches the twins♦ Vita…?
Vita: You bitch! I’ll tear your face off! ♦flails but Cyrus holds her down♦
Ihrlie: ♦falls to her knees, her gaze close to Vita’s♦ ♦takes a good look at Relia♦… Listen to me, please.
Vita: ♦crazy stare♦
Ihrlie: I’ve told this to your brother as well. A family built on growing trust and friendship is just as good as any family built on blood.
Vita: ♦she glances at Relia who looks at her, hopefully♦ Rellia……..Cy, they did things to me……♦ugly crying♦ Terrible, nasty, bad things. Something is inside of me now. Something horrible.
Cyrus: We’ll get it out of you, I promise….but you have to help us.
Ihrlie: ♦carefully lays a hand on Vita’s shoulder♦ Come with us, Vita. We’ll take care of you. We promise. I promise.
Ashara: ♦still holding Rellia♦ It’s not too late, Vita Tagaris.
Ihrlie: ♦extends a hand♦
Kayan: ♦stretches arm out♦ You can join our family, if you like. ♦smiles♦
Vita: I don’t want to be alone anymore, Cy……..the darkness it’s coming for me……..I just wanted someone to pull me out of it. ♦reaches out for Ihrlie and Kayan and then passes out♦
Ihrlie: Vita!
Cyrus: Vita! Vita! ♦shakes her♦
Ashara: She’s alive. I can feel her mana pulsing.
Kayan: ♦looks at Cyrus♦ Don’t worry, she’ll be fine
Ashara: ♦looks at Rellia♦ Let’s bring you to your father.
Cyrus: ♦nods and then carries Vita♦ Let’s go find Rellia’s father then.
Ihrlie: ♦nods♦
Ashara: ♦as the party exits Vita’s chambers, she takes one more look at the other door before following Cyrus♦

The party follows Cyrus to the holding cells.
Ashara fails a Dexterity (Lockpicking) check
Kayan succeeds at a Dexterity (Lockpicking) check
Kayan picks the lock as Ashara lets Rellia down. The door creaks open and Relia fidgets until she sees her father.
Ashara: Your daughter, as promised.
Nazares: R-Rellia! It’s really you…..
Rellia: Daddy! ♦runs towards him as he laughs and carries her in his arms♦
Nazares: ♦crying♦ Thank you so much for rescuing my daughter.
Lucas: It’s the least we could do. This is no place for her.
Kayan: ♦Smiles♦ We’re just happy you two are reunited.
Ihrlie: ♦nods♦
Ashara: I’m a woman of my word, Dream Boy. Let’s get out of here.
Rellia: Your hugs are warmer than in the dreams, daddy.
Nazares: Yes, and now it’s time for all of use to go home……♦you feel a lull take over you as you fall fall into a gentle sleep, when you wake up again, you are at the estate, your living companions, Ashara’s soldiers and even her missing slaves are there as well♦




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